“Baring It All: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Sheer Top, Leaving Little to the Imagination”

Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus caused a stir when she was photographed in Calabasas, California. The singer was wearing a see-through top that left little to the imagination, proving that she isn’t afraid to take fashion risks.

Miley Cyrus, the popular Prisoner singer, was recently spotted in Calabasas, California wearing a translucent top that showed off her curves. The 28-year-old singer looked effortlessly chic as she stepped out to run errands in a white tank top and tight grey leggings combination. Despite the sheer fabric of her top, Miley opted to go without a bra and pulled the tank top tight over herself, leaving nothing to the imagination. Surprisingly, Miley seemed unfazed by baring it all as she headed to the shops, taking precautions by wearing a mask to stay safe.

Miley Cyrus

Similarly to the UK, the United States is currently facing a battle to control Covid cases amidst the ongoing global pandemic that continues to claim lives across the world. Sadly, the US has one of the highest mortality rates worldwide. Miley completed her outfit with a pair of large reflective sunglasses perched atop her head and her hair styled in a tight bun. As someone who openly identifies as biSexual, Miley recently confessed that she finds women much more attractive than men and prefers to date them. During an interview with SiriusXM, the Angel Like You singer expressed that “Girls are way H๏tter. We know this. Everyone I think can agree that from ancient times d***s make wonderful sculptures. Other than that, I’m not as interested.”

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I find penises to be beautiful art pieces, with their sculptural shape making them a great addition to any table. However, when it comes to personal interaction, I prefer them to simply get in and get out, as I don’t want them staring at me. This is just how I feel and I’m comfortable expressing it. It’s a common belief that breasts are more aesthetically pleasing than buttocks. Interestingly enough, this belief helped me understand the appeal of female relationships. By the way, I happen to be the goddaughter of Dolly Parton!

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Miley’s split with her partner and husband Liam Hemsworth in 2019 inspired her latest record, which she wrote mostly about the breakup. She revealed that during this difficult time, she would frequently reach out to her producer friend Mark Ronson to collaborate in the studio as a way to distract herself from messaging Liam and instead channel her emotions into music.

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