“Basking in the Sun: Dua Lipa Shows Off Her Trendy Shorts and Savors Seafood Lunch on Concert Break in Portofino”

Last Friday, Dua Lipa turned up the temperature with her stunning retro-inspired hot pants look while taking a break in Portofino after performing live in Milan. Showing off her toned thighs, the 26-year-old singer donned a Lacoste outfit consisting of a striped short-sleeve polo and booty shorts set. The bright neon trim in shades of burgundy, green, and orange added to its summery feel.

Hot! Dua Lipa, 26, soared temperatures on Friday as she put on a peachy display in some retro hot pants while enjoying a break in Portofino, Italy, following her recent concert in Milan

On Friday, Dua Lipa, the talented 26-year-old singer, set Portofino, Italy on fire with her stunning appearance. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a pair of vintage hot pants that showcased her radiant beauty. This was a well-deserved break following her concert in Milan.

'Love from Portofino': Dua showed off her enviable figure in a series of snaps on Instagram, featuring the colourful outfit, on Saturday

Over the weekend, Dua posted a series of mesmerizing photos on her Insta account, showcasing her toned body in an eye-catching outfit. The caption for the post simply read, “Sending love from Portofino.”

Stunning views: Dua snapped herself in front the of gorgeous Portofino scenery on a balcony as she enjoyed her day in the Italian village

Dua’s followers were treated to a stunning display as she shared a photo of herself on a balcony overlooking the breathtaking scenery of Portofino. Her sun-kissed complexion was perfectly complemented by her vibrant outfit, exuding a tropical vibe. Dua completed her look with chic black cowboy boots, lime green-framed glasses, and accessorized with beachy waves, drop earrings, bangles, and chunky rings. She carried her essentials in a cute baby pink micro bag. The singer enjoyed a delightful seafood lunch with her friends, basking in the serene beauty of the charming Italian village while flaunting her fun and stylish outfit.

Posing: The singer posed around in the outfit in a hotel room, accessorising with bracelets and chunky rings

The singer posed confidently in a hotel room, donning the outfit that was complemented with bangles and statement rings.

Legs for days: Dua showed off her toned thighs in the retro-style Lacoste hot pants as she enjoyed a day in Portofino

Dua showed off her well-defined thighs during her trip to Portofino, sporting a pair of vintage Lacoste shorts that highlighted her lengthy limbs.

Relaxing: Dua took in the gorgeous scenery as she posed for pictures in her fun ensemble, featuring some cowboy boots

Pausing for a while to relax, Dua enjoyed the breathtaking scenery surrounding her as she posed in a fun ensemble that included a trendy pair of cowboy boots.

'Slurp': The Levitating performer posted a snap of herself enjoying some pasta in Italy on Instagram Stories

A performer who goes by the name ‘Slurp’ posted a picture on her Instagram Stories where she was seen enjoying pasta during her vacation in Italy. The photo showed her floating while savoring the food.

Retro: The singer showed off her toned thighs in the Lacoste ensemble, which featured a matching striped polo short-sleeve and booty shorts

The musician showed off her toned thighs in a stylish Lacoste ensemble that included a striped polo shirt and shorts. The outfit had a vintage touch to it, adding to its overall appeal.

Summer fun: The burgundy, green and orange set also added a summery touch with bright neon trim detail

Summer was at its peak with a gorgeous burgundy, green, and orange ensemble adorned with neon trimmings. Dua Lipa was seen having a good time with friends, indulging in some delicious food, and perhaps a refreshing Aperol Spritz. The Future Nostalgia tour has taken her to different parts of the world, where she has been captivating audiences every night. Her recent show in Milan on Thursday was no different and left her fans feeling thrilled.

Enjoying Italy: The multi-coloured pairing complemented the pop performer's gorgeous bronzed tan

Enjoying Italy to the fullest: The vibrant mix of colors beautifully complemented the pop artist’s gorgeous sun-kissed complexion.

Out with friends: Dua teamed the sizzling look with some black, patterned cowboy boots and lime green-framed glasses as she and some friends ate seafood for lunch

Dua was having a great time with her friends while sporting an eye-catching black mesh catsuit that accentuated her well-defined figure. The catsuit was embellished with sparkling diamanté details and boasted an abstract panel design, along with a corset feature at the top. She paired the outfit with stylish patterned cowboy boots in black and accessorized with lime green-framed glasses while indulging in some delectable seafood during lunch. Adding to her already stunning look, Dua also donned matching long gloves that further highlighted her toned arms as she took to the stage.

Easy chic: The fresh-faced star wore her raven locks down in beachy waves, accessorising her fun outfit with drop earrings, bangles and some chunky rings

With an effortless sense of style, the youthful celebrity chose to go for a simple yet stunning appearance by keeping her dark hair free in beachy waves. She further enhanced her look with playful embellishments such as long dangling earrings, multiple bangles, and striking statement rings.

Lunch: She was snapped enjoying some food and what looked to be an Aperol spritz in a bib with some pals

While enjoying her lunch, a snapshot was captured of her relishing in some delicious cuisine, accompanied by what seemed to be an Aperol spritz, all while donning a bib and surrounded by her pals.

Break time: The busy pop-singer, who has been touring around, enjoyed a restful lunch with some friends

While taking a breather from her jam-packed tour, the famed pop artist savored a tranquil meal with her pals. Although she had a lot on her plate, the vocalist gave it her all, captivating the audience with her moves and even playing around with her hair. But things took a turn for the worse when Dua encountered a misstep during her gig, resulting in a tumble on stage that left spectators at the Mediolanum Forum Assago stadium in disbelief. Fortunately, her backup dancers came to her rescue and the concert carried on without a hitch.

Neon tones: Dua's multi-coloured ensemble accentuated her bronzed tan, setting up the perfect summer outfit

Dua’s attire is a lively and fun combination of bright neon hues that perfectly complements her sun-tanned complexion, making it the perfect pick for a warm summer day.

Pop of colour: The singer donned some lime-green framed shades as she enjoyed some food in Italy

The singer enjoyed a meal in Italy while spicing up their look with bright lime-green sunglasses for a pop of color.

These boots are made for walkin': Dua wore cowboy boots and carried her belongings in a baby pink micro bag

Dua Lipa confidently walked in a stylish pair of cowboy boots and carried a small, pink bag as she moved around. The singer impressed her fans with her fashion sense by changing into a remarkable pink jumpsuit which complemented her highly energetic performance of her hit song, Be The One. However, Dua experienced an unexpected incident during her lively performance when she slipped and fell to the ground with a loud noise while running towards the front stage. Worried spectators captured the moment on camera and shared it on different social media sites. Despite the fall, the singer quickly regained her poise and resumed with the show, seemingly unhurt.

Leggy display: Dua showed off her incredibly toned legs in a fun outfit as she strolled around Itlay

As she strolled around Italy, Dua Lipa showcased her toned legs in a fun outfit.

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