Bella Thorne Spills the Beans on Her Celebrity Crushes: Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato

In a recent Maxim interview, Bella Thorne revealed that her celebrity crushes are none other than Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato – just like many of us! It’s a reminder that celebrities can be just as relatable as the rest of us when it comes to their interests and preferences.

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Maxim and Bella were chatting when Bella mentioned her fondness for Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, whom she referred to as “toasty.” We wholeheartedly concur with her opinion. Bella went on to describe Demi as “fire” and “pretty toasty,” while referring to Miley as “dope.” Besides having excellent taste in celebrity crushes, Bella’s comment is noteworthy because it acknowledges and validates bisexuality. By acknowledging both a male and female celebrity as her crushes, Bella is making a significant statement about sexual orientation.

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The community of individuals who identify as biSexual is confronted with a significant issue of erasure, which stems from widespread doubt about their orientation. Despite an increasing number of young people who identify as biSexual, many still misunderstand and stereotype them, viewing them as confused individuals who cannot choose a side. This lack of understanding and representation in mainstream media reinforces the notion that biSexuals do not exist. However, Bella’s carefree attitude towards her identity sends a crucial message that being biSexual is not only acceptable but valid.

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Bella revealed her sexual preference in a nonchalant manner by simply answering a fan’s question on Twitter. Unfortunately, the reaction from her colleagues in the entertainment industry was far from positive. Bella acknowledged that it is challenging for individuals in her profession, and she has already been subjected to criticism from her peers. Although studios have not explicitly expressed their disapproval of her bold public persona, they have subtly hinted at it.

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Bella’s unwavering commitment to being true to herself is truly commendable, despite facing opposition. Her attitude towards relationships is also a reflection of this. Currently dating Tyler Posey, Bella emphasizes the significance of finding a partner who accepts and loves every part of you. She values relationships where her partner fully embraces her identity and expresses admiration for that. Bella’s unapologetic self-expression is a breath of fresh air and provides a sense of comfort to those who struggle with similar issues. She exemplifies the idea that it’s perfectly fine to be unique and that one’s journey towards self-acceptance is not a solitary one.

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