Blonde Pop Star Dua Lipa Flaunts Sensational Style in Corset-Style Outfit and Lingerie-Inspired Ensemble for Stunning Photos.

On Monday, Dua Lipa stunned her fans with a series of alluring photos on Instagram. The talented singer donned a black lacy corset top and matching gloves that looked absolutely amazing on her. In one of the pictures, she can be seen playfully licking her teeth. Additionally, she posed for more photos with her friends against a vibrant red backdrop. Overall, Dua Lipa looked absolutely sensational in these racy snaps!

Jaw-dropping: Dua Lipa, 26, rocked a lacy black corset and matching gloves as she licked her teeth for an array of racy snaps to Instagram on Monday

The stunning Dua Lipa made waves on social media when she posted a series of provocative photos on Monday. The 26-year-old singer donned a lacy black corset and matching gloves, adding a diamond-encrusted choker necklace and hoop earrings to complete her look. She even donned a pair of trendy Balenciaga sunglasses to shield her eyes. Dua, who recently debuted a new platinum blonde hairdo, kept her locks sleek and straight with a center part that cascaded down her waist. In addition to sharing her sultry snapshots, the Grammy winner also shared candid photos with her friends during a night out and behind-the-scenes moments from the awards show.

Racy! For another photo she dropped to the floor in a skintight latex trousers and a Versace safety pin embellished top

Wow, this photo is quite daring! In another shot, she can be seen posing on the ground wearing form-fitting latex pants and a top embellished with Versace safety pins.

Mixing it up: Dua - who changed up her raven locks for a platinum blonde style ahead of the Grammys - styled her tresses in a sleek style with a centre parting (pictured right in March)

Mixing it up: Dua is pictured in March with her raven locks

Adding variety: Dua, who recently transformed her dark hair into a platinum blonde shade prior to the Grammys, opted for a sleek hairstyle with a middle parting (as seen in the picture on the right taken in March). In another snapshot, she can be seen wearing tight latex trousers along with a top embellished with Versace safety pins while lying on the floor. To complete the bold look, she paired it with towering platform boots and a chunky gold necklace. Dua also looked stunning in a black Versace gown with belted strap detailing and gold hardware, which was previously worn by Donatella Versace back in 1992.

Stunning: She accessorised her look with a diamond emblazoned choker necklace

Impressive: The choker necklace with a diamond design added the perfect touch to her outfit.

Fun-filled: She also added photos with her pals as she enjoyed a meal out and shared behind the scenes snaps from the Grammys

Enjoyable: Additionally, she posted pictures of herself having a great time with friends while dining out. Furthermore, she shared behind-the-scenes snapshots from the Grammys event.

All in the details: Dua looked resplendent in a black Versace gown, that boasted belted strap detailing and gold hardwear that was previously worn by Donatella Versace in 1992

Dua donned a stunning black Versace gown that featured intricate belted strap detailing and gold hardware, which was previously worn by Donatella Versace in 1992. The singer looked absolutely radiant in the outfit. Recently, Dua and Megan Thee Stallion made a nod to a famous fashion blunder that took place during the 1998 VMAs when Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey ended up wearing the same “one-of-a-kind” dress on stage. The two singers donned identical black dresses with gold safety pins at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. However, they were saved from the embarrassment as Donatella Versace stepped in to rectify the situation.

Getting ready: She added a pair of towering platform heeled boots and a chunky gold necklace to complete her edgy look

Prepping up: To achieve an edgy vibe, she threw in a pair of high-heeled platform boots and a bold gold necklace as finishing touches.

Radiant: Dua donned a sequin embellished gown for a photo with a friend as they stepped out for dinner

Dua and her friend dressed up for a dinner night out, with Dua wearing a sparkling gown adorned with sequins. However, her friend Megan accused her of stealing her look, to which Dua replied that she was under the impression that her dress was exclusive. Dua even joked about talking to Donatella to sort out the situation. Soon, Donatella appeared on stage and resolved the issue by showcasing each of their unique looks. Donatella then ripped off both of their skirts and declared them her girls.

Who wore it better? Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion recreated another famous fashion faux pas while presenting at the 2022 Grammys

The Grammy Awards ceremony saw Dua and Megan Thee Stallion sporting a similar look, prompting the question: “Who wore it better?” Dua opted for a black tank top and latex trousers, while Megan added a skirt to her ensemble. Both artists laughed off the fashion mishap, with Megan jokingly stating that they both looked like winners. This incident brought to mind a similar occurrence over 20 years ago when Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston pretended to have a wardrobe malfunction at the 1998 VMAs. The legendary performers showed up in matching brown dresses, only to discover they weren’t one-of-a-kind after all.

Legendary: In 1998, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston pretended to have a fashion faux pas as they presented at the VMAs wearing identical brown dresses

Back in ’98, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston pulled off a legendary stunt at the VMAs. They pretended to have made a fashion mistake by showing up in matching brown dresses!

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