“Candid Shots of Miley Cyrus in the Buff Captured by Fashion Icon Karl Lagerfeld”

Miley Cyrus has had a hectic week as she announced her collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott for an art project during New York Fashion Week. The 21-year-old singer is also the leading figure in V Magazine’s latest edition, aptly named “The Rebel Issue.”

Miley Cyrus – Notion Magazine Outtakes - GotCeleb

The magazine cover highlights Cyrus, who has bared it all in a picture where she is completely nude.

Miley Cyrus strips naked for new pH๏τos by Karl Lagerfeld | Daily Mail  Online

Karl Lagerfeld, known for his fashion designs and photography skills, has curated the editorial feature that includes an image of Cyrus. Lagerfeld praised Cyrus’ youthful appearance and commented that she is a well-educated and respectable person who enjoys provoking and shocking society’s conventional beliefs. He also added that there is nothing more enjoyable than challenging the bourgeoisie.

Easter Sunday With Miley and V91 - V Magazine

The magazine features Cyrus on its cover, clad in a unique blue furry bodysuit that was specially designed by Fendi.

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