Once again, Miley Cyrus made a big splash in the news due to a wardrobe mishap at the Adult Swim Upfront Party held in New York City. This time, it appeared to be intentional as she was spotted wearing only pink pasties and suspenders while walking the red carpet. Her risqué attire left little to […]

Miley Cyrus created a stir during the 2015 MTV VMAs by showcasing her distinct fashion sense. She sported 11 diverse outfits, each with lively colors and dramatic designs ranging from a bedazzled jumpsuit to a transparent plastic garment adorned with brightly colored drug pastilles. One of her attires included a high-cut silver leotard matched with

Miley Cyrus has never been shy about showing off her figure, and even when she’s dressed down, she still manages to turn heads with her bold fashion choices. During a recent trip to a Rite Aid store in Calabasas, Los Angeles, the Grammy-nominated singer was seen wearing a see-through white tank top without a bra,

Garden decor is a great source of inspiration for creative ideas and solutions. Depending on the overall concept, a variety of natural materials or finished products can be used to create a beautiful backyard or garden. The only requirement is that they are weather-resistant and fit in with the overall design. In this article, we

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