“Chilling in Cotswolds: A Glimpse of Dua Lipa’s Festive Getaway and Her Night Time Hot Tub Soak in a Bikini”

Dua Lipa has offered her followers a sneak peek into her Cotswolds retreat before Christmas, where she relaxed in a hot tub while wearing a bikini. The award-winning singer appeared stunning in her alluring attire as she spent some quality time with her girlfriends following the end of her two-year relationship with Anwar Hadid.

During her vacation, Dua, who is 26 years old, flaunted her stunning physique while donning a white two-piece swimsuit. In a vast garden, she posed for photos, revealing her chiseled abs. She also showcased her stylish bikini thong with ruched detailing that accentuated her derriere. Additionally, she sported fluffy white boots with an adorable Hello Kitty design. Later on, she removed her boots and joined her friend in a hot tub, who looked equally fabulous in a matching white bikini and crop top.

Dua and her friends had a relaxing time during their ‘country reset’, where they decided to take a break from their usual routine and indulge in some self-care by removing their makeup and applying facemasks. Her getaway couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment, as her two-year relationship with Anwar Hadid reportedly ended despite attempts to save it through crisis discussions.

The English vocalist and the 22-year-old model have called it quits on their relationship, despite attempting to save it through various means such as crisis talks and taking breaks. This couple was known for their on-and-off relationship, but sources now confirm that they have officially ended things for good. An insider shared with celebrity gossip website Deux Moi that this most recent split was final.

According to The Sun, there have been rumors that the couple, Dua Lipa and her boyfriend Anwar Hadid, were having some issues in their relationship. They even had crisis talks and eventually decided to take a break to figure out things. An insider revealed that the main problem was due to the couple’s busy schedules that made it difficult for them to spend time together. Currently, their relationship seems to be going through a rough patch. However, representatives for Dua Lipa have not made any comments regarding the matter.

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