Dua Lipa Stands Firm on Speaking Out About Her Passions and Beliefs

Typically, it’s not unusual for a pop star to go live on one of their social media platforms. However, when Dua Lipa went live on Instagram on March 23, it wasn’t a typical message due to the extraordinary situation we’re currently facing.

She struggled to hold back tears as she spoke directly to her fans from a rented Airbnb in London. Her own apartment had flooded and her plans to perform on “Saturday Night Live” were cancelled due to the coronavirus travel ban. Despite wanting to discuss her upcoming album, she became emotional every time she tried. With the current uncertainty surrounding everything, she admitted to feeling overwhelmed and emotional lately. She acknowledged the internal conflict of releasing music during a time when people are suffering. She revealed that her second album was being released a week early but her reaction to this news was unclear. In a later interview, she admitted to having a difficult day due to the pandemic and questioned the appropriateness of releasing or discussing new music. Like many others, being in lockdown has been a challenging experience for her. She has found solace in watching “Tiger King” and has even tested her culinary skills by making jerky instead of bread like many others have.

The marketing strategy for the “Future Nostalgia” album has been unconventional and contrasting to the upbeat, joyful vibe of the record. It is intended to be the perfect soundtrack for singing loudly with friends in a cab, cruising through the night, and attempting to dance while wearing seatbelts. With tracks like “Physical” and “Don’t Start Now,” the album offers a contemporary disco party experience that you could enjoy all night long. Unfortunately, it was not created with the intention of being released during a time when going outside is frightening and life feels monotonous. Dua Lipa had originally planned for the album to be celebrated in clubs, bars, and on tour, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those plans were disrupted. Despite considering postponing the release like many other artists, the album leaked, and delaying it further would have impacted sales and streams.

Although album leaks are not as prevalent as they were two decades ago, they still pose a threat to artists and their work. Charli XCX experienced this firsthand when her third album was leaked in 2017, leading to its cancellation. Dua Lipa is also wary of the possibility of her music being stolen, but takes a pragmatic approach, knowing that leaks can be inevitable. Despite her concerns, Lipa is overjoyed now that her latest album, ‘Future Nostalgia,’ has been released to the public. She believes that the album serves as a distraction from the current state of the world and hopes that it can bring some happiness and positivity to listeners.

Lipa isn’t one to shy away from speaking her mind about current events, both presently and on any given day. Despite other pop stars increasingly voicing their opinions on societal issues, Lipa is somewhat of an exception. She’s a highly popular figure who won’t compromise on her beliefs. In recent years, she has emerged as a strong proponent for women’s rights and equality. At the 2019 Grammys, she fearlessly accepted an award while using the moment to make a sarcastic remark about former Recording Academy chairman Neil Portnow’s previous statement that women needed to “step up” to win more awards.

Her unapologetic and passionate approach to speaking her mind is simply a part of who she is, according to the artist. She firmly believes that nothing can alter her core identity as an individual who values discussing important topics and normalizing them. In fact, her latest album, “Future Nostalgia,” was designed to be a celebration of life that can be enjoyed in bars and clubs. Although she has never personally encountered sexual harassment in the music industry, she acknowledges that some of her female colleagues may have had different experiences. Nevertheless, she admires their tenacity in standing up for themselves and calling out any untoward behavior. As she reflects on the need for self-defense techniques, such as holding keys between one’s knuckles while walking home, she recognizes that women have long been aware of the need to micromanage situations to protect themselves. Regardless of the challenges, she remains committed to her beliefs and her authentic self.

Lipa expresses her thoughts and opinions on the world through her music, interviews, and social media, but she has stopped using Twitter due to its negative impact on her mental health. While Lipa’s management team manages her Twitter account, she still uses Instagram to connect with her fans. Lipa believes that social networking spaces should be made safer for everyone, and companies should be more aware of the consequences of their platforms. She also acknowledges that cyberbullying is not taken seriously enough and needs to be monitored more closely. Lipa recognizes that the anonymous nature of social media can make hurtful comments more hurtful, as offenders feel no need to face the consequences of their actions. Overall, Lipa encourages people to vote for the party that represents everyone and not just the few.

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