Exploring Miley Cyrus’ Fortune: Explaining How the Pop Icon Earns Her Wealth

Miley Cyrus has been a household name since her Hannah Montana days and even before. It’s not surprising, considering her godmother is the legendary Dolly Parton. And lately, she’s been holding on to her pop culture icon status with a tight grip. Her latest single “Flowers” has been topping the Billboard Charts since its release in January 2023, and even Diane Keaton can’t get enough of it.

What Is Miley Cyrus' Net Worth In 2023? How The Star Makes Money

Don’t fret, Diane (and everyone else). There’s more Miley Cyrus content on the way. Her latest music album, Endless Summer Vacation, is set to be released on March 10th. So, if you haven’t treated yourself with flowers or went out for a dance yet, there’s still time. And if you can’t wait for her album, Miley has been teasing lyrics from upcoming tracks on her Instagram. With all these exciting updates about Miley, it’s natural to have questions about her life, family, love life, and net worth. She made a considerable amount of money during her early acting days. Miley’s breakthrough in Disney’s Hannah Montana as a young child earned her a substantial salary at the time. According to the New York Post in 2010, Miley was recognized as one of the “richest kids” in TV, earning an estimated $15,000 per episode. With 98 episodes over Hannah Montana’s run, she made a significant amount of money. Additionally, this paved the way for endorsement deals, concerts, and more. Although Miley’s net worth isn’t entirely from TV, it’s estimated to be a billion dollars.

Miley Cyrus fell for the lingerie trend in New York | Vogue France

Forbes reported that thanks to her alter ego Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus accumulated a whopping $134 million by the time she turned 18. The figure doesn’t even factor in ticket sales from her concerts or the success of Hannah Montana: The Movie, which grossed $155.5 million in box office sales. With such a massive hit under her belt, it’s probable that Miley received a sizable paycheck as well. In addition to her acting career, the now 30-year-old artist also lent her voice to Disney’s animated movie Bolt and starred in The Last Song, which earned $310 million and $89 million at the box office respectively. Although her paychecks for each role remain undisclosed, they were likely substantial. Despite first gaining fame for her portrayal of a secret rock star on TV, Miley has since become a successful musician in real life, with seven studio albums and three live albums to her name. In other words, Miley has been keeping herself busy throughout the years.

Miley Cyrus fell for the lingerie trend in New York | Vogue France

Miley has earned a significant amount of money from her albums, but her tours have been the real cash cows. She made over $54 million from her Best Of Both Worlds Tour in 2007-2008 and more than $62 million from her Bangerz tour. Her latest album, Endless Summer Vacation, has 11 tracks divided into AM and PM, featuring artists like Brandi Carlisle and Sia. Miley is expected to go on tour after the album release. She also appeared as a coach on The Voice and reportedly earned $13 million per season. In 2022, she made it to the Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list, which recognizes influential people. Miley aims to be true to herself while being what others need her to be.

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The latest issue of the magazine revealed that Miley Cyrus inked a lucrative $40 million contract with NBCUniversal in May 2022 to produce three TV specials, adding to her already impressive net worth. The singer and actress also has a vast collection of high-end real estate properties. One of her prized possessions is a Mediterranean-style mansion in Malibu, boasting 6,568 square feet and breathtaking views of the ocean, canyon, whitewater, and mountains. According to Architectural Digest, Miley also owns a $5.8 million mansion in her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee, and a $3.9 million residence in Studio City, California. Additionally, the star has dabbled in sponsorships, including a campaign for Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum and a collaboration with Hims&Hers skincare, among others, as reported by Forbes.

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In 2021, Miley Cyrus teamed up with the NFL to create a TikTok Tailgate experience, which is rumored to be a lucrative deal. Miley is also known for her philanthropic efforts, having founded the Happy Hippie Foundation in 2014 to support vulnerable youth and the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, she donated $500,000 to the Woosley wildfire relief efforts in 2018. Miley has a net worth of $160 million, making her the wealthiest member of her family, but not as wealthy as Taylor Swift, who is worth $450 million. Despite her wealth, fans can still enjoy her music, including her latest hits “Flowers” and “Endless Summer Vacation.”

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