Gal Gadot Believes Her Upcoming Film ‘Cleopatra’ will Reveal a New Side of the Queen, Moving Beyond the Stereotype of a Seductress.

Gal Gadot IS Cleopatra | Кинозвезды, Древний египет, Египет

In a recent interview with Vogue Hong Kong, actress Gal Gadot shared more information about her upcoming movie, which will focus on the story of Cleopatra.

Fan Casting Gal Gadot as Cleopatra VII in Cleopatra The Queen of Egypt  (Biopic Movie) on myCast

Gadot, who grew up in Israel, revealed that she has always been fascinated by the Egyptian Queen and wants to change the narrative surrounding her.

vic das au's 📌 on X: "a gal gadot como cleópatra é o motivo do meu colapso" / X

According to Gadot, Cleopatra is a real-life strong female leader and an ideal example of a story that she wants to tell.

GAL GADOT Faz 38 Anos e Promete Causar como CLEÓPATRA – Cinemarcoblog

She hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the story and highlight the many other aspects of Cleopatra’s life beyond her affairs with Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, which have been the main focus of previous films.

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