Gal Gadot on Empowering Girls: A Candid Chat about Playing Wonder Woman in the #MeToo Era and Influencing Her Daughters

Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress, has made a name for herself by playing significant roles in superhero films such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman. She has demonstrated her strength both on and off the screen, having served as a soldier in the past. In this interview, she emphasizes the importance of positive feminism, shares her experience raising her two daughters, and discusses her portrayal of the iconic superhero character Diana Prince. Gadot’s life story, which includes being a law graduate and beauty queen, is reminiscent of that of a comic book character and is fitting for her role as Wonder Woman in the DC Universe.

Despite her first appearance in the not-so-successful film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman in her solo film in 2017 was a huge success at the box office. The character embodies feminist ideals such as freedom of choice, equality, and freedom, making her a symbol for all women.

Gal Gadot, the lead actor in Wonder Woman 1984 that was released in 2020, shared her thoughts on the film’s impact. According to the 35-year-old actress, the audience was eagerly waiting for a female-centric story that was depicted authentically. She acknowledged the irony of using the word “authentic” in reference to a superhero character. However, Gadot emphasized that the film’s storyline was told from a female point of view and aimed to be universal. It was crafted to appeal to everyone, regardless of their gender or age.

The character of Wonder Woman wasn’t always portrayed as a perfect, invincible superhero. Instead, her imperfections and vulnerabilities were explored, making her more relatable to audiences. This approach made the character more grounded and accessible. Now, in the upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984, the director plans to take the character to the next level, although the release date has been delayed due to the pandemic.

The world premiere of Justice League outside The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood was graced by the presence of Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher and Ben Affleck. According to Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the movie, her character has evolved significantly since the first movie. In Wonder Woman 1984, Diana has been around for six decades, making a positive impact on the world. She is now wiser, more mature, and has faced many challenges. While still guarded, she has also struggled along the way.

The character in question is feeling quite isolated and hesitant to form connections with others due to the fear of losing them once again. Although she has lost all her friends over the years, she remains steadfast in doing what’s right. However, there seems to be a noticeable change in her demeanor since the last time we encountered her. Against the backdrop of the current state of affairs around the world, it’s heartening to witness Gadot making a comeback. Superhero movies have been a staple in the entertainment industry for the past decade, with Marvel’s Avengers franchise dominating the scene and breaking records left, right, and center.

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