How Margot Robbie Helped Her Mother Achieve Financial Stability After Achieving Success in the Acting World: A Heartfelt Gesture from a Daughter

Australian actress Margot Robbie has shared how she supported her family financially when she became successful in Hollywood. The 33-year-old star, who rose to fame on the Australian soap Neighbours, revealed on CBS Sunday Morning that she paid off her mother Sarie Kessler’s mortgage as a way of giving back for all the support she received. Robbie explained that she kept track of all the money her mother lent her and made it a priority to pay her back once she had achieved financial success. Her generous act demonstrates her gratitude towards her family and highlights the importance of supporting loved ones during times of need.

Family: Margot Robbie has revealed she paid off her mother Sarie Kessler's mortgage when she found success as an actress (pictured with her mother in July 2023)

Margot Robbie disclosed that she settled her mother Sarie Kessler’s mortgage after achieving success as an actress. The Australian star shared a picture with her mother in July 2023.

Success: The Barbie star, 33, has become one of the most famous faces in Hollywood in recent years and used her financial success to help her family out

Margot Robbie, the 33-year-old Barbie star, has become a popular face in Hollywood over the recent years. With her financial success, she has helped her family by paying off her mother’s mortgage. Margot believes it is natural for anyone in her position to help their mother in such a way. She considers herself to be the luckiest person to have achieved so much success. Her mother, Sarie, was surprised when Margot told her about her choice of becoming an actress, given her family’s medical and business background. Sarie was concerned whether Margot would be able to make a decent living in the freelance acting industry.

Margot recalled: 'One day, when I made enough money, I just paid that whole mortgage off completely' (pictured together in 2018)

Margot remembered that at one point, she had enough funds to pay off her entire mortgage, which she did. The statement was made in 2018, and she was pictured alongside it.

Fears: Sarie previously admitted she was worried, given the freelance nature of the acting industry, that Margot might find it hard to 'make a good living' (pictured together in 2022)

Concerns: Sarie had expressed her concerns about Margot’s ability to earn a stable income in the unpredictable freelance acting industry (captured in a photo of them together in 2022).

During a joint interview with her daughter, she expressed her concern about the career path her daughter was considering. She felt that it may not lead to a prosperous future. However, now she acknowledges that she underestimated her daughter’s potential and achievements. She is delighted that her daughter has found her passion in creating LuckyChap Entertainment and has the freedom to pursue it independently.

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