“Inside Dua Lipa’s Lavish £7m London Home – Brit Awards Winner Shares Plans for Dreamy Swimming Pool”

DUA Lipa is a renowned pop icon with a lavish £7million residence that perfectly matches her celebrity status. The 26-year-old’s deluxe mansion in the picturesque West London neighborhood is currently undergoing massive renovations, which were approved by the council. Despite already possessing an attractive three-story property, Dua has decided to augment it with a comprehensive remodeling scheme.

According to an article by The Mail, Dua recently filed a proposal to have a swimming pool constructed in the basement of her home. She intends to include a chill-out area where she can unwind after a long day. Additionally, she plans to revamp the house’s floorplan by replacing the current extension with a larger one that features a family room and garden roof. Dua has also set her sights on the traditional English garden and will be replacing the weeping willow and ornamental maple to make way for landscaping inspired by the romantic Arts & Crafts tradition.

According to the plans, Dua Lipa is looking to have a fresh lawn, multiple terraces, a garden on the balcony, and a courtyard. The local council had some reservations about the proposed renovations, stating that they would not approve the demolition of the existing rear extension because it adds to the aesthetic of the property with its thoughtful design and material selection. Finally, after a prolonged struggle, Dua has received the go-ahead for the construction work. Nevertheless, she has been issued strict guidelines, which include keeping noise levels at a minimum.

From time to time, Dua shares sneak peeks of her pad, in between her travels for performances or spending time with her celebrity acquaintances. The kitchen and bathroom feature luxurious marble surfaces, whilst the extension’s large glass windows and doors offer abundant natural light. The dwelling’s aesthetic includes exposed brickwork to achieve a rustic charm and it seems that Dua has a room reserved solely for her vibrant and intricate wardrobe collection.

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