Margot Robbie: The Rising Star of Hollywood with Her Remarkable Performances in ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

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Margot Robbie, the Australian actress who gained immense recognition for her role in “The Wolf of Wall Street” opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, is set to play the character of Harley Quinn in the upcoming movie “Suicide Squad.” The trailer suggests that the film will focus on Harley’s backstory, and Robbie appears to have captured the character’s essence perfectly. Along with Suicide Squad, Robbie is also starring in two other movies this year, namely “The Legend of Tarzan” and “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.” Robbie’s background is quite interesting, as she grew up on her grandparents’ farm on Australia’s Gold Coast, where she spent her time surfing, hunting wild pigs, and riding motorbikes. As a teenager, Robbie worked as a Subway artist in Melbourne before landing her first major acting role, following which she was approached by Subway to star in one of their commercials.

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Robbie took the initiative to contact the producers of “Neighbours,” Australia’s popular and long-running soap opera, right after finishing high school. The program centers around the daily lives of the inhabitants of Ramsay Street, a made-up residential area in Melbourne.

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Robbie secured a spot on “Neighbours” as Donna Freedman, a courageous and self-assured teen, which captivated viewers right away. She graced the show for a span of three years.

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Robbie dedicated herself to improving her acting skills and perfecting her American accent by taking classes and working with a dialect coach during her free time away from the set. In 2011, she found an agent and made the move to Hollywood.

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As soon as the “pilot season” started, Margot Robbie arrived and wasted no time in auditioning for various major TV networks. Her efforts paid off when she landed a prominent role on the one-season ABC drama series called “Pan Am.” This was right after her arrival in Melbourne, where she attended the Australian Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2009.

Margot Robbie, who starred alongside Christina Ricci in the TV series “Pan Am,” developed a passion for ice hockey after joining an amateur league upon moving to the US. Despite being the worst player on her team, she was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to play a sport she had always wanted to try while living in Australia, where there was no ice available for skating. Her love for the New York Rangers also grew during this time. As fate would have it, just as “Pan Am” was cancelled, Robbie received a script for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” an edgy film directed by Martin Scorsese about the excesses of Jordan Belfort’s life as a stockbroker. It was reported that Scorsese had sent the script to every unknown actress in Hollywood.

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Robbie was taken aback when she received an unexpected invitation to audition alongside Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio for their upcoming movie. The opportunity caught her off guard but she eagerly embraced the challenge.

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During the audition process, Leonardo DiCaprio began to improvise while Margot Robbie struggled to keep up. In that moment, Robbie realized she had to do something memorable and out of the ordinary. When the next scene, a fight, came up, Robbie got caught up in the moment and deviated from the script. Instead of walking away at the end of the scene, Robbie impulsively slapped DiCaprio in the face and exclaimed, “F— you!” The room fell silent for what felt like an eternity until the group burst out laughing. Robbie apologized, but DiCaprio was impressed and urged her to do it again. As a result, Robbie landed the part.

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Robbie’s role in the film was a turning point for her career, and one particular scene has become iconic. As Naomi, she inflicts emotional pain on Jordan by denying him sex, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

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With five Oscar nominations and a whopping $390 million in global box office earnings, Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” is undoubtedly his most successful film to date. Mary Cybulski’s captivating photography for Paramount Pictures likely played a role in the film’s box office success.

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After her huge success, Robbie starred in two independent films: “Suite Francaise,” based on a novel by Iréne Némirovsky, and “Z for Zachariah,” which was filmed in the nearby mountain ranges of New Zealand.

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Robbie got her next acting role in the movie “Focus,” a dark romantic comedy alongside Will Smith. The plot centers around a seasoned con artist (Smith) who mentors a young swindler (Robbie), teaching her the ins and outs of the trade.

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During the wrap day, they both clicked some playful and intimate photos together in a photo booth. However, the leaked pictures fueled rumors about their alleged affair, but Robbie firmly rejected these claims.

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According to the New York Daily News, Margot Robbie had once mentioned to Marie Claire in March 2015 that she had decided to not date actors anymore. She believed that having a public profile would create unnecessary stress in a relationship due to the excessive interest in her love life from people.

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Last year, Robbie made a surprise appearance in the highly acclaimed film “The Big Short,” which is now up for best picture. In the movie, she portrayed the role of an explainer and used a bathtub to clarify collateralized debt obligations.

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Get ready to see a lot of Margot Robbie on the big screen because 2021 is going to be her year. At least, that’s what Paramount Pictures is predicting.

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Let’s start with the hilarious war-themed movie “Whisky Foxtrot Tango” which is adapted from Kim Barker’s memoir called “The Taliban Shuffle.” The protagonist, played by Tina Fey, is a witty and daring war reporter with a unique sense of humor. In the movie, she meets a British TV journalist, portrayed by Robbie, who becomes her friend.

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Paramount is releasing “The Legend of Tarzan,” a remake of the classic story, featuring well-known actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz, alongside Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan and Robbie as Jane Porter. To get your hands on this film, click to buy “The Taliban Shuffle.”

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According to an article on, Robbie revealed that she emphasized the fiery nature of the character she played in Suicide Squad. She also stated that she prefers not to act as a helpless damsel in distress. Suicide Squad is the last movie scheduled for Warner Bros. in 2016.

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Have you seen the trailer for “Suicide Squad”? It’s a movie adaptation of a comic book featuring a bunch of notorious DC Comics supervillains. The cast includes big names like Jared Leto playing The Joker, Will Smith as Deadshot, and Cara Delevingne taking on the role of Enchantress.

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In the DC Comics universe, Robbie portrays the maniacal and bubbly Harley Quinn, who serves as the Joker’s partner in crime. Interestingly, Robbie shared with MTV that she didn’t have to go through the audition process for the role. This opportunity was a significant milestone for her acting career as being offered a role without auditioning is considered a huge accomplishment.

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According to an MTV source, Robbie, who stars as Harley in the Warner Bros. film adaptation, spoke with Cineplex about her experience playing the character. She expressed that she finds portraying the “creepy, violent, crazy” Harley to be enjoyable. The actress explained that the fun comes from living vicariously through a character that is doing things she would never do in real life.

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According to Cineplex, Warner Bros. reports that the actress is eagerly anticipating her collaboration with Will Smith once again, following their work together in “Focus.”

Suicide Squad

According to Cineplex, Warner Bros actress Margot Robbie expressed her excitement about working with Will Smith again in the movie ‘Suicide Squad’. She revealed that she had texted him when she heard he was in talks to join the cast and encouraged him to take the role. Robbie has nothing but praises for Smith, describing him as a wonderful person both on and off set. In another interesting tidbit, it was mentioned that Jared Leto had sent Robbie a rat as preparation for his role as the Joker, which she now keeps as a pet named Rat Rat and feeds with organic berries from Whole Foods.

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Robbie mentioned that becoming a part of the “Suicide Squad” universe has been quite an immersive experience.

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Warner Bros. Margot Robbie has admitted that the scale of the comic-book world and its huge fan base can be overwhelming. Despite not fully considering the magnitude of the job, once she was committed, she embraced the challenge. The actress acknowledges that the external shoots frequently remind her of the close attention and anticipation surrounding the project. Margot Robbie’s talent and growing success in the industry is not to be ignored.

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Margot Robbie, the famous actress, made an appearance at Comic-Con International 2015 held in San Diego Convention Center, California. She attended Warner Bros.’ ‘Suicide Squad’ presentation on July 11, 2015.

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