Margot Robbie’s Barbie-Inspired Looks: A Fun and Fabulous Fashion Ranking – From Chanel to Balmain, See All 13 Outfits That Made the ‘Pink Carpet’ Sizzle!

Margot Robbie stole the limelight with her stunning fashion choices during the promotion of the highly-anticipated Barbie movie. The world has embraced #Barbiecore style with fervor, as seen on red carpets, runways, and social media. The film smashed box office records, earning a massive US$155 million in its opening weekend in America, thanks to Greta Gerwig’s direction. Adding to the excitement, the upcoming Polly Pocket movie by Lena Dunham, starring Lily Collins of “Emily in Paris” fame, is also generating buzz. Margot Robbie’s sartorial choices were impeccable, although some outfits were more impressive than others. In the end, she may have gone too bold, but her fashion choices throughout the tour left an unforgettable impression.

Margot Robbie made a bold fashion statement during the Barbie press tour in London, England, before it was cut short due to the Sag-Aftra strike. The actress wore a pink Vivienne Westwood outfit, consisting of a miniskirt and structured, balloon-sleeve jacket, which deviated from the classic Barbie aesthetic. Additionally, her fur-covered heels did not match the doll’s style. Despite this, Robbie looked stylish and fun in the ensemble. Later on, she opted for a bombshell red dress for a red-carpet event in London.

On July 12, Margot Robbie graced a Barbie event in London, looking stunning in a custom-made Dilara Findikoglu minidress. Her stylist revealed that the dress took inspiration from a red swimsuit worn by a 1962 Barbie doll. The strapless and corseted dress was paired with slide-on sandals similar to those worn by the famous doll. While the striking red colour was eye-catching, it might have been more appropriate for promoting a different movie. The dress’s inspiration may not have been immediately clear without seeing images of the referenced doll. If you’re a fan of Barbie and fashion, check out these seven best Barbie fashion and beauty collaborations to shop this summer.

11. The initial promotional appearance showcased her in a modest gingham outfit.

During her promotional tour for the upcoming Barbie movie, Margot Robbie made an appearance at CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April. The actress donned a pink plaid two-piece outfit from Prada consisting of a wrapped miniskirt and matching bralette with thick straps. She paired the look with pink Christian Louboutin mules and a Chanel anklet. While the outfit was a good start to channeling Barbie’s style, it could have used some fun hairstyles, brighter makeup, or playful accessories. Robbie later sparkled at a Barbie party in Australia, continuing to embody the iconic doll’s fashion sense.

Margot Robbie attended a celebration party for Barbie in Sydney, Australia, where she looked stunning in a vintage Versace mesh minidress in a baby-pink shade that matched the classic Barbie doll color. However, her outfit was missing accessories like jewelry or a mini purse that are usually associated with Barbie dolls. Despite this, Robbie’s dress was perfect for the party and gave off a chic and stylish vibe.

Achieving Barbie’s chic summer look in Beverly Hills, California.

On June 25, Margot Robbie made an appearance at a Barbie event held in Beverly Hills, California. But even before that, she had already shown us how to rock Barbie’s summer style with her own personal touch. She donned a custom-made Valentino minidress featuring a halter-neck bodice that hugged her chest perfectly, and added a yellow handbag for a splash of color. Completing the beach-ready look were white pumps, a favorite shoe style of Barbie dolls. It just goes to show how Margot Robbie effortlessly blends her own fashion sense with Barbie’s iconic style, even in her home country of Australia.

In Sydney, Australia, Margot Robbie made an appearance at a Barbie event on June 30. To add a touch of her own flair to the iconic doll’s style, Robbie put together a playful outfit for an Australian press event. She opted for a pink polo neck top paired with a metallic miniskirt from Versace’s 1994 collection. The actor completed her look with white sunglasses, purple socks, and heeled loafers, perfectly embodying her on-screen character. Additionally, in Mexico, Robbie showed off her style in a deep pink ensemble at another Barbie event.

Margot Robbie looked stunning in a bold and stylish Balmain outfit during a Barbie event in Mexico City. Her elegant ensemble featured a leather minidress paired with a mesh, long-sleeved top and pointed pink pumps. However, it was her accessories that stole the show. The Australian actress wore silver hoop earrings adorned with stars and hearts, as well as a chain belt featuring a bedazzled star charm. This look perfectly complemented the pink carpet event and showcased her impeccable fashion sense. In related news, Barbie’s real-life Malibu Dreamhouse is now available for rent on Airbnb.

6. South Korea is known for its doll-like beauty standards, where women strive to look like living dolls.

Margot Robbie, the popular Australian actress, recently attended a promotional event for her latest film, Barbie, in Seoul, South Korea. The event took an exciting turn when Robbie sported designer outfits inspired by the iconic Barbie doll. Among them, her pink Versace gown with a glittering spaghetti-strap top and tulle skirt made her look like a vintage Barbie come to life on the red carpet.

Margot Robbie, an actress from Australia, was seen wearing a classic hanbok during a pink carpet event in Seoul to promote her new movie Barbie. This event happened on July 2. Moreover, she was gifted with a customized traditional hanbok that resembled her designer dress. The theme of the Barbie she is promoting is “1985 Day to Night,” and the dress was designed accordingly.

Margot Robbie attended the pink carpet event for the movie Barbie in Seoul, South Korea on July 2, where she wowed the crowd with her fashion choices. She donned a custom Versace dress for the occasion, but before that, she was seen in an even more impressive Barbie-inspired outfit. Her original ensemble consisted of a pink pencil skirt, matching blazer, mesh scarf, and a white hat with a pink polka dot ribbon, all designed by Versace. The outfit was reminiscent of the “1985 Day to Night” Barbie, whose reversible attire could transform into a second dress similar to Robbie’s. Another noteworthy fashion moment at the event was thanks to Moschino, leaving us all mesmerized.

On July 3, Margot Robbie attended a press conference for her upcoming movie “Barbie” in Seoul, South Korea. She made quite an impression on the media by posing in an eye-catching outfit and carrying a heart-shaped purse. The following day, she sported another standout look that perfectly suited the press tour. It’s no surprise that Robbie chose to wear Moschino, as the brand is a perfect fit for her Barbie-related appearances. In other news, people are fascinated by Hong Kong heiress and socialite Elly Lam, who is widely regarded as an “It” girl in her home city.

At the London premiere, she rocked a stunning ensemble custom-made by Vivienne Westwood. Her outfit consisted of a dazzling crop top, a sparkling mini skirt, and a short jacket. To complete the look, she wore a bow-decorated cap and carried a quilted purse that matched the rest of her outfit. It was truly a glamorous sight to behold.

For the London premiere of Barbie on July 12, Margot Robbie made a stunning appearance on the pink carpet. The actress looked like a real-life 1960s Barbie in a customized Vivienne Westwood gown made of pink silk, featuring a corseted bodice, a column skirt, and a rose embellishment with a lengthy train. She completed the look with a white fur shawl for a brief time. The ensemble was inspired by “Enchanted Evening” Barbie, a doll that was introduced in 1960. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Margot Robbie flaunted a vibrant 1990s style.

Margot Robbie, who recently attended a Barbie-themed event in Mexico City, looked stunning in her 90s-inspired outfit. The actress pulled off the colourful printed minidress from Pucci and crimped hair, resembling the beloved “Totally Hair” doll from 1992. It’s no surprise that Robbie can rock any Barbie-inspired look, but her 90s style is especially on point. Moreover, her Los Angeles premiere outfit was perfect for the occasion.

Margot Robbie made a stunning appearance at the premiere of “Barbie” in Los Angeles, California on July 9, 2023. Fans of both the iconic doll and the talented actress were in agreement that her outfit was perfectly suited for the occasion. Drawing inspiration from the classic 1961 “Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie doll, Robbie wore a glittering strapless dress with a tulle lining, which was designed by Schiaparelli. Her ensemble also included black gloves, a pink scarf, and a red flower adorning the skirt. It was a truly elegant and eye-catching look for the event.

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