“Margot Robbie’s Bold Fashion Choice Steals the Show at Sydney Babylon Premiere, Catching Fans’ Attention with a Risky Thigh-High Split in Versace Dress”

During the Babylon premiere in Sydney on Monday, Margot Robbie took a fashion risk that almost led to a wardrobe malfunction. The 32-year-old actress looked stunning in a baby blue Versace dress with a thigh-high slit. She even ventured out on the street to greet her fans outside the State Theatre. However, the daring split almost exposed more than she had intended, leaving her vulnerable to a potential embarrassing moment.

Margot Robbie (centre) almost risked a major wardrobe malfunction when she crossed the street in a daring dress with a thigh-high split at the Babylon premiere on Monday night

At the Babylon premiere on Monday night, Margot Robbie faced a close call with a wardrobe malfunction while crossing the street. Her daring dress with a thigh-high split almost exposed more than she intended, but the star managed to maintain her composure and swiftly pulled her dress down, avoiding a major fashion faux pas. Despite the close call, Margot looked stunning on the red carpet as she posed for photographers and greeted fans. She wore a plunging satin gown that showcased her cleavage, and the minimalist style of the dress accentuated her petite figure, truly embodying the image of a movie star.

The actress, 32, who was dressed to impress in a baby blue Versace dress with a daring thigh-high split, ventured out on to the street to greet fans outside the city's State Theatre

The 32-year-old celebrity looked stunning in a fashionable baby blue Versace dress that featured a daring thigh-high split. She went out of the State Theatre in the city to interact with her fans waiting outside.

The Wolf of Wall Street Stare almost exposed her modesty when the daring split nearly revealed more than she had intended

As the Wolf of Wall Street cast member struck a bold pose with a daring split, her modesty was nearly compromised. The intense stare added to the dramatic effect, but also almost revealed more than she had planned.

Fortunately, the star managed to keep her composure and pulled her dress down in time, averting a major wardrobe fail

Luckily, the celebrity maintained her poise and successfully managed to adjust her dress, avoiding a potential fashion disaster. Margot handled the situation like a true professional. In addition to her stunning outfit, she completed her ensemble with coordinating high heels and her dazzling wedding ring. The blonde bombshell opted for a casual hairstyle, leaving her locks down and natural.

The Barbie star showcased her cleavage in a plunging satin gown, with the minimalist style frock clinging to her petite figure

The Hollywood actress, known for her role as Barbie, donned a stunning satin dress that accentuated her cleavage and petite figure. The upcoming film Babylon is set in the 1920s and tells the story of ambitious dreamers whose rise and fall are chronicled, with Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie playing lead roles. Margot’s character, Nellie LaRoy, is an overnight sensation who indulges in drugs, parties, and sexual encounters while trying to navigate her way through the industry. Written and directed by Damien Chazelle, the movie follows the story of Manny Torres (played by Diego Calva) as he enters the high-profile world and falls for Nellie.

Margot plays overnight starlet Nellie LaRoy who is navigating her way through the industry by self-destructing via drugs, parties and sexual encounters

Margot portrays Nellie LaRoy, an up-and-coming starlet who is struggling to make her way in the entertainment industry by engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as drugs, wild parties, and sexual escapades.

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