Margot Robbie’s Natural Beauty Applauded by Fans During Romantic Getaway with Tom in Greece

On a leisurely day at the beach with her husband Tom Ackerley in Greece, Margot Robbie’s fans were quick to applaud her for her “au naturel” appearance. The 33-year-old Australian actress effortlessly displayed her youthful looks and figure in a high-cut white one-piece while taking a dip in the water. Her loyal followers praised her for maintaining her natural beauty and avoiding cosmetic enhancements like silicone, Botox or padding. They noted that her frown lines were visible when she squinted, indicating that she hasn’t undergone any Botox treatments. Overall, fans were impressed with the star’s refreshing and classy look.

Fans have praised Margot Robbie for her 'au naturel' look as she went for a dip in Greece with her husband Tom: 'No filler, implants or plastic surgery'

Margot Robbie has been receiving praise from her fans for her natural appearance during her vacation in Greece with husband Tom. Many have commented on her beauty, talent, and seemingly happy personal life, with one person calling it a refreshing change to see a picture of a natural-born beauty. This vacation comes on the heels of news that Robbie is set to earn $50 million in salary and bonuses for her role as Barbie in the upcoming Greta Gerwig-directed project, which she also produced through her company, LuckyChap Entertainment. Variety reported the news earlier this month, citing three individuals with knowledge of Robbie’s deal.

She was flooded with comments from her loyal followers who applauded her for maintaining her natural beauty

Her devoted fans showered her with compliments for embracing her natural beauty, as expressed through a flood of comments. LuckyChap Productions, a company founded by Robbie in 2014, along with Ackerley, McNamara, and Kerr, has successfully produced movies like Promising Young Woman, Birds of Prey, and the series Maid. In addition, Gerwig is expected to receive bonuses due to the tremendous triumph of Barbie. As the director, she achieved a historic accomplishment by surpassing $1 billion in global box office revenue, becoming the first female to earn this distinction without any male co-directors. Gerwig also co-wrote the script with her long-time partner, Noah Baumbach, based on the beloved character created by Mattel.

Robbie's European vacation comes after she is reportedly set to make $50 million in salary and bonuses from Barbie that saw her play the titular character in the Greta Gerwig-directed project

Robbie is embarking on a European getaway, following news that she’s set to earn a whopping $50 million in salary and bonuses for her role as Barbie in the upcoming film directed by Greta Gerwig.

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