“Miley Cyrus Dazzles in a Blue Metallic Ensemble, Embracing the Futuristic Vibe of The Matrix”

POPSUGAR’s editorial team operates independently, curating a selection of products that they truly enjoy and believe will resonate with their audience. If you happen to purchase a recommended item through their website, they may receive an affiliate commission to support their work. At Lollapalooza Chile, Miley Cyrus stunned fans with her performance, donning a beautiful blue metallic bodysuit and high-rise leggings from Maison Close’s Blue Angel collection. The pop star’s stylist, Bradley Kenneth, elevated her outfit by pairing it with chunky-soled leather Ganni boots, black leather gloves, silver hoop earrings, sparkly blue eye shadow, and reflective Oakley sunglasses. To complete her rock-star aesthetic, she also carried a matching blue shoulder bag from Diesel’s fall 2022 collection. Cyrus is famous for her love of catsuits, having recently been spotted in designs by Pam Hogg, Maison Close, and Saint Laurent. Those who are fans of this trend can easily purchase the same outfit that Cyrus wore at Lollapalooza online.

Miley Cyrus's Outfit at Lollapalooza Chile

Marcelo Hernandez captured a quick photo of Miley Cyrus’s ensemble at Lollapalooza Chile.

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Hey there, have you come across this fantastic image by Marcelo Hernandez on Getty Images? It’s absolutely stunning! The way he has captured the moment is exemplary and has left me in awe. I adore the vivid colors, and the composition is impeccably flawless. Truly, this photograph is a masterpiece and deserves to be cherished for its exquisite beauty and distinctiveness. Marcelo’s talent and creativity are exceptional, and I applaud him for it. Great job, Marcelo! Keep up with your outstanding work.

Marcelo Hernandez from Getty Images snapped this breathtaking picture.

Marcelo Hernandez of Getty has taken an absolutely stunning photograph that is truly a work of art.

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