Miley Cyrus Embraces Her Unique Style of Singing Despite Criticism Throughout Her Life

Miley Cyrus is standing up for herself and her unique voice, refusing to conform to traditional gender expectations in singing. In a recent interview with Lars Ulrich, she expressed how liberated she felt covering Metallica’s hit “Nothing Else Matters” from the comfort of her own home. Cyrus explained that recording outside of a studio allowed her to experiment with different octaves and styles, resulting in a performance that truly resonated with her. She even admitted to venturing into lower vocal ranges, describing the experience as “satisfying.” It’s clear that Cyrus is determined to sing in a way that feels true to herself, regardless of societal norms or expectations.

In her latest cover story with Interview magazine, Miley Cyrus has spoken out about embracing her natural voice and rejecting societal expectations for how women should sing. The 28-year-old musician discussed how she has faced criticism and pressure from producers to use falsetto in her music because it is traditionally associated with femininity. Cyrus revealed that she has been asked countless times throughout her life why she sounds like a man and why she can’t sing higher notes like she used to. However, the singer has stayed true to herself and found joy in songs like Nothing Else Matters where she can sing in her lower register and be authentic to her own sound.

Freedom: Having recently covered Metallica's Nothing Else Matters, Cyrus told drummer Lars Ulrich that she felt 'free' performing the hit because, by recording from home instead of a studio, she could sing how she wanted; Miley seen with Lars Ulrich of Metallica in September

Miley Cyrus expressed her sense of liberation while performing Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. She shared with Lars Ulrich, the drummer of the band, that she felt a sense of freedom while singing the song from her home studio. This allowed her to sing the way she wanted, without any restrictions. In September, Miley was seen spending time with Lars Ulrich of Metallica.

Criticism: The 28-year-old musician lamented about being criticized her 'whole life' for her lower vocal register, with producers constantly demanding falsetto out of her because they associated it with femininity

A 28-year-old musician expressed her frustration about constantly receiving criticism for her naturally lower vocal range. Producers would often demand that she use falsetto, which they associated with femininity. Despite these expectations, the musician emphasized the importance of staying true to her own voice as singing is her primary form of self-expression. She has worked with many people who have suggested bringing in another singer to hit the high notes, but she believes that falsetto is a term originally used for boys going through puberty who were still expected to sing in the choir – and it means “false.” The musician, who rose to fame as Hannah Montana, believes that staying true to herself is crucial to her success.

Seeking falsetto: 'My whole life, whether in vocal training or just continuing to hone my craft, it's always been about, 'Why do you sound like a man? Where's your f***ing falsetto, b****? Why can't you sing the high octave of 'Party in the U.S.A.' anymore?' she recalled; Miley seen performing Part In The USA in 2009

In her pursuit of mastering her craft, Miley Cyrus has been constantly asked to find her falsetto. She has faced questions like “Why do you sound like a man?” and “Where’s your falsetto, b****?” during her vocal training. Despite the pressure to conform, Miley has always stayed true to herself and her unique style. Her rendition of “Party in the U.S.A.” may not have the high octave that is expected of female singers but she was proud to sing it her way. Miley recently showcased her vocal prowess in her cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. In the song, she let loose and gave it her all, impressing fans and critics alike.

Miley Cyrus expressed that she embraces her true self, stating “I am who I am”. She believes in speaking her mind at the moment, even if her thoughts and opinions change later on. The singer shared that she was honored to have the opportunity to sing a song in her own unique way, instead of conforming to what is expected of females. She is grateful for the chance to utilize her lower register of voice in the song. In November 2019, Cyrus had surgery on her vocal cords due to a condition called Reinke’s edema, which causes degeneration of one or both vocal folds in Reinke’s space. In a 2020 interview with Joe Rogan, she mentioned that she noticed a significant change in her voice over the past year, describing it as heavy.

Authentic: Telling Ulrich that Nothing Else Matters 'means something to me on the deepest level,' Cyrus gushed over the fact she got 'to sing in that low register, and I get to live in that authentic, genuine sound'; seen with James Hetfield of Metallica in September

In a conversation with Ulrich, Cyrus expressed how the song “Nothing Else Matters” holds a significant meaning for her. She could not contain her excitement as she shared how singing in a low register allowed her to immerse herself in an authentic and genuine sound. It was a surreal moment for her, especially when she got to meet James Hetfield of Metallica back in September.

Tribute: Miley's cover of Nothing Else Matters is featured on The Metallica Blacklist, a tribute album released in September featuring the likes of Elton John, J Balvin, and Cage The Elephant

Miley Cyrus paid homage to Metallica with her rendition of Nothing Else Matters, which can be found on the tribute album called The Metallica Blacklist. The said album presents covers from various artists including Elton John, J Balvin, and Cage The Elephant, and was released in September.

Changes: During an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Miley said that 'over the last year' she 'noticed a really big change to my voice, kind of a heaviness to it.' She had undergone surgery on her vocal cords in 2019 after being diagnosed with a condition called Reinke's edema

Miley Cyrus recently talked about how her voice has changed during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience show. According to Miley, she noticed a significant change in her voice over the past year, describing it as heavy. She underwent vocal cord surgery in 2019 after being diagnosed with Reinke’s edema. Miley also revealed that the surgery left a scar, which she considers a reflection of the difficult time she went through. Although she had to take some time off and rest her voice, Miley sees the surgery as a gift because it helped her understand her instrument better. In her November cover story for Interview magazine, Miley posed topless for one of the photos.

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