Miley Cyrus Expresses Gratitude for Fans’ Unwavering Support and Hints at Exciting New Projects in Personal Note

Musical artists, including pop icon Miley Cyrus, have had a tough and frightening experience in the past year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although she was forced to reschedule her 2020 Plastic Hearts Tour in support of her seventh studio album of the same name, Miley has recently headlined several music festivals. In light of these events, the Wrecking Ball singer posted a handwritten note on her website. In the letter, she takes responsibility for her past and looks forward to what lies ahead, both personally and professionally, while expressing gratitude to her loyal fans.

Opening up: Miley Cyrus, 28, owned her recent past, embraced the near future, both personally and professionally, all while giving thanks to her devoted fans in a handwritten letter to fans that she posted on her website

Miley Cyrus, the famous singer-songwriter who recently turned 28, has taken to her website to express her gratitude towards her fans. She mentioned how the website has been a medium for her to connect with her followers and how thankful she is for their unwavering support. With a sense of humility, she expressed her appreciation for the life she has lived so far, both personally and professionally. Despite facing intense spurts of change, she is excited to use these experiences as inspiration for her next project. Above all, she emphasized how grateful she is to have her fans by her side during these transitional times.

Deep sharing: 'I am so thankful for your loyal support [and] great company on this ride of my life!' the singer-songwriter wrote, before mentioning her life changes and enthusiasm for her next project

Expressing deep gratitude, the singer-songwriter conveyed her appreciation for the unwavering support and wonderful companionship she has received throughout her journey so far. She also touched upon the significant changes in her life and expressed excitement about embarking on her next project.

Musical landscape: The Wrecking Ball star also talked about how the song setlist from her recent festival gigs covers the gambit of her career and vast musical genres

The music scene is something that the talented Wrecking Ball artist recently spoke about. She emphasized how her song setlist during her recent festival performances covers a variety of genres and represents her career’s evolution. Fans are warmly welcomed to attend her festival show, where they can expect to hear songs from different eras that are special to her. She expressed her gratitude towards her fans, stating that they have been an integral part of her career. Additionally, she teased her upcoming project and mentioned that she couldn’t wait to create it with her fans. Cyrus has participated in numerous festivals lately, such as the Austin City Limits Festival, Lollapalooza in Chicago, and Music Midtown in Atlanta.

Heartfelt meaning: The Plastic Hearts singer also shared a video of her performance of the Janis Joplin song Maybe at the Austin City Limits Festival

The lead vocalist of Plastic Hearts, Miley Cyrus, also posted a clip of her rendition of Janis Joplin’s hit track “Maybe” from her performance at the Austin City Limits Festival. It was a touching moment for the fans of both artists.

'I do it for me': The pop superstar told the crowd she performs Joplin's Maybe 'for me' because it speaks to her own life

During her performance, the famous pop artist revealed to the audience that she chooses to sing Maybe by Joplin not only for their entertainment but also because it relates to her personal experiences. She stated that she does it “for me” and finds the song deeply meaningful.

Safety first: Cyrus previously postponed her Plastic Hearts Tour due t the COVID-19 pandemic

Prioritizing safety, Cyrus had to delay her Plastic Hearts Tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite her shift towards rock ‘n roll in her latest album, she continues to perform songs from her earlier years such as 7 Things and The Climb. Alongside these classics, Cyrus has added numerous cover songs to her setlist that cover a diverse range of musical genres. These include Heart of Glass by Blondie, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Cher, White Wedding by Billy Idol (where she was joined by the iconic rocker), Maybe by Janis Joplin, and Say Hello 2 Heaven by Temple of the Dog (a side project of Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell in the early 1990s). Recently, Cyrus shared a video showcasing her performances at the Austin City Limits Festival on October 1 and 8. She also posted a video of her singing Maybe at ACL, which she revealed was a personal favorite as it resonated with her own life story.

The gambit: While she's embraced her rock 'n roll side with her most recent studio album Plastic Hearts, Cyrus has been performing songs from her catalogue that date back to her teen years, including 7 Things and The Climb

The move: Miley Cyrus has been exploring her rock ‘n roll persona on her latest album release Plastic Hearts, while also revisiting some of her earlier tracks from her teenage years such as 7 Things and The Climb during her live performances.

Rocking it up: The setlist has also had several cover songs by such artists as Billy Idol, Cher, Temple Of The Dog, Blondie and Janis Joplin

Shaking things up: The list of tunes performed includes a variety of covers from renowned musicians like Billy Idol, Cher, Temple Of The Dog, Blondie, and Janis Joplin.

Hitmaker: Plastic Hearts debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart upon its release in November 2020

The album Plastic Hearts, created by a renowned music producer, made its way to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200 chart when it was launched in November of last year.

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