Miley Cyrus’ Latest Single “Used To Be Young” Leaves Fans Emotional with Its Heartfelt Lyrics and Praised as a Potential Song of the Year

Miley Cyrus’ latest single ‘Used To Be Young’ has evoked intense emotions from her fans, leaving them in tears. Released on Thursday evening, the song is a poignant reflection of the challenges she faced while being constantly scrutinized in the limelight. The accompanying music video shows the singer shedding a tear, adding to the emotional depth of the song. Fans worldwide have flooded social media with praises for the singer, calling it a “beautiful and heartfelt masterpiece” and even dubbing it as the “song of the year”. A Twitter user expressed how the song moved them deeply, saying, “Miley Cyrus made me cry with her new song ‘Used to Be Young’. It’s such a beautiful and honest reflection of her journey and growth. She honors her past, loves her present, and celebrates her future.”

Epic: Miley Cyrus fans have been left sobbing over her new single 'Used To Be Young,' after the singer, 30, released the  song which reflects on her years being judged while in the spotlight

Miley Cyrus aficionados are shedding tears over her latest single ‘Used To Be Young’. The song, which was recently released by the 30-year-old singer, is an emotional reflection on her past experiences of being scrutinized while living in the public eye.

Incredible: After listening to the new single for the first time, they branded it a 'beautiful heartfelt masterpiece' and have insisted that the ballad is the 'song of the year'

The new single by Miley Cyrus has received immense praise from fans and critics alike. Many fans have taken to Twitter to express their admiration for the ballad, calling it a “beautiful heartfelt masterpiece” and even declaring it as the “song of the year.” Some fans have listened to the song numerous times and are still getting chills, while others have admitted to sobbing while listening to it. Many have also praised Miley’s ability to pull on heartstrings with her music. The release of the single was promoted during a special titled Endless Summer Vacation: Continued (Backyard Sessions), during which Miley got emotional while talking about her famous parents, Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Huge reaction: Following the song's release, her fans around the world were quick to take to social media to heap overwhelming praise on the singer

Upon the release of her latest single, Miley Cyrus received an overwhelming response from her fans all over the world. She expressed her gratitude to those who took the time to listen to her new song and praised the consistency of her storytelling throughout her career. Reflecting on her life, she mentioned how her father’s hit song Achy Breaky Heart was at the top of the charts when she was born. However, she stressed that she sees people, not just numbers, behind the success of her music. Miley then discussed the differences between her childhood and her father’s, as she grew up in a financially and emotionally stable environment while her father did not. This has led to differing attitudes towards fame and success between them, with her father being more emotionally affected by his popularity than she is.

New single: Miley got emotional while talking about her famous father Billy Ray Cyrus during a special that aired on Thursday on ABC

In a recent airing on ABC, Miley Cyrus became emotional while discussing her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, during a special. She expressed that when her father made her feel special or important, it was like healing a childhood wound and always made her feel like a star. Miley became overwhelmed with emotion while discussing the topic and stated that this was the difference. She also shared some of her fondest memories of singing with her father and learning from his vocal techniques. Miley even went as far as to say that she believes her father was underappreciated in terms of his vocal abilities.

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