“Miley Cyrus’ Playful Antics: Chomping Down on a Toy Barbie”

Recently, the well-known female singer, known for her non-conformist attitude, was spotted biting the head off a Barbie doll.

No rest for the wicked: Miley sported a sheer top and underwear with bright pink high heels at the Jeremy Scott and Moschino Party on Wednesday night 

At a recent party thrown by Jeremy Scott and Moschino in collaboration with Barbie in Miami, Miley Cyrus once again grabbed the spotlight for her unconventional antics.

What a mouthful: The singer took a playful bite of Barbie's head as she posed for photographers

According to reports from dailymail.co.uk, the singer was spotted posing with a Barbie doll dressed in vibrant pink attire from the “Barbie” collection.

Eclectic sight: Miley was joined by Carlyne Cerf and designer Jeremy Scott at the bash 

However, things took an interesting turn when she pretended to bite off the doll’s head. For the event, Cyrus wore a flashy neon pink and green bralette and pants matched with a mesh jacket and skirt. To add to her bold look, she accessorized with heart-shaped glittery silver glasses, a chunky necklace, and hoop earrings. Speculations about her relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger, who was also present at the party, continued to circulate.

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