Miley Cyrus Stands Firm on Touring Decision: ‘I Prefer Not to Travel by Bus’

In an open letter to her fans, Miley Cyrus explained why she decided not to tour for her latest album, “Endless Summer Vacation.” The pop singer had previously expressed her feelings in an interview with British Vogue, stating that she did not enjoy singing for large crowds due to a lack of connection and safety. She elaborated that performing in front of such vast audiences was isolating because despite being surrounded by thousands of people, one can still feel alone.

After receiving an overwhelming response from both fans and critics, the artist behind the popular song “Flowers” felt the need to offer further clarification on a quote she made. In a lengthy notes app address, she began by stating that she feels a strong connection to her fans now more than ever before. Despite not being able to see them face to face at concerts, she emphasized that her fans hold a special place in her heart. To ensure that she remains connected with her audience without compromising her own needs and priorities, she is constantly working on innovative ways to engage and communicate with them. The note was shared on her social media account on Wednesday.

According to the singer, performing for her supporters has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of her life. However, she clarified that her decision not to tour is not due to a lack of appreciation for her fans. Rather, it is because she does not want to get ready in a locker room while on the road. Additionally, being on the road does not give her much time to wear the fashionable outfits she has been creating. The clothes do not fold, and she does not want to sleep on a moving bus. Even though touring is not the right choice for her at the moment, she acknowledged that this could change in the future. She ended her statement by expressing her love for her fans and stating that she is currently on an endless summer vacation.

In 2015, Cyrus wrapped up her Bangerz Tour, which included a total of 78 shows at various venues, including London’s O2 Arena and New York City’s Barclays Center. According to a British Vogue interview, after her last headline arena show in 2014, Cyrus questioned whether she wanted to continue performing solely for the satisfaction of others or if she wanted to prioritize her own personal fulfillment.

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