Barbie makes a splash! Bikini-clad Margot Robbie leaps into the ocean during a lavish yacht trip with her rarely-seen husband Tom Ackerley and pal Rami Malek in Formentera

Margot Robbie appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she spent time with her friends on an opulent yacht docked near the Spanish island of Formentera in the Mediterranean. The 32-year-old Hollywood actress, who is slated to portray the main character in the forthcoming Barbie movie, was seen jumping off the boat with her companions while holding hands before socializing with her spouse Tom Ackerley. Accompanying the Wolf Of Wall Street protagonist, who is wedded to a British film producer also aged 32, were an array of acquaintances, including renowned actor Rami Malek, aged 41, who joined them aboard the deluxe craft.

Amazing! Margot Robbie looked to be having the time of her life as she hung out with pals on a lavish yacht in the Mediterranean moored near the Spanish island of Formentera

Wow: Margot looked incredible in a mustard yellow triangle bikini, which highlighted her toned midriff and long legs as she soaked up the rays in the skimpy swimwear

How wonderful! Margot Robbie seemed to be having a blast as she spent time with her friends on an opulent yacht docked near Formentera, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. The actress looked stunning in a yellow triangle bikini that accentuated her chiseled abs and lengthy limbs while sunbathing in the scanty swimwear. Rami Malek, who portrayed Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody and the antagonist Safin in James Bond: No Time To Die, co-stars with the Australian beauty in their upcoming movie Amsterdam. He appeared calm and collected donning a white tee and fashionable sunglasses.

Chilling: The Hollywood actress, 32, who is set to play the titular character in the upcoming Barbie film, leapt off the boat while holding hands with friends before hanging out with her husband Tom Ackerley

Relaxing: The 32-year-old Hollywood star is all set to portray the lead role in the latest Barbie movie. While on a boat trip, she jumped off the boat while holding hands with her friends and later spent some quality time with her husband Tom Ackerley.

Taking a dip! Margot lifted herself back onto the boat following a swim in the Mediterranean

Taking a dip! Margot lifted herself back onto the boat following a swim in the Mediterranean

Enjoying a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, Margot lifted herself gracefully back onto the boat, feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.

Flying the flag! Margot headed to a sundeck covered with colourful pillows

Margot was spotted on a sundeck adorned with vibrant cushions, proudly waving a flag. It seems that she formed a close bond with her co-star during filming, as the pair were later spotted enjoying a holiday together with a group of friends. The actress appeared to be relishing her time off from work, relaxing on the yacht with her partner and assisting a female friend in boarding the vessel.

Star pals: The Wolf Of Wall Street star, who's married to British film producer Tom, 32, was joined by friends including A-lister Rami Malek, 41

Relax: The two clearly hit it off during filming as they spent time together on holiday after the film wrapped, with the duo joining a host of other friends

Celebrity buddies: Margot Robbie, known for her role in The Wolf Of Wall Street and married to British film producer Tom Ackerley, enjoyed a luxury boat trip with friends, including A-list actor Rami Malek, aged 41. The Australian actress looked stunning in a bikini, exuding beach vibes as she soaked up the sun on board.

Chilling: The Oscar nominee appeared to be enjoying her break from working on the film, reclining on the back of the vessel with her spouse

Relaxing: The outstanding nominee seemed to be relishing her downtime from the movie, lounging on the rear of the boat with her partner.

Aw! One of her friends waited with a towel on the boat to dry her off when she hopped back on board

How sweet: Margot's friend wrapped her up in the fluffy towel

Oh my goodness! One of Margot’s pals had a towel waiting for her on the boat to help dry her off when she got back on board. Margot doesn’t often talk about her marriage to Tom, but the two have been happily wedded since 2016. They first met in 2013 while working on a movie set in France and ended up being roommates with some other friends in London. When Margot was interviewed by Elle in 2018, she admitted that she and Tom had initially kept their romantic relationship a secret. They didn’t think it was a big deal at first, but once their friends found out, “s**t hit the fan.” She didn’t go into detail, but said that their house became like an episode of The Jerry Springer Show for a little bit. Fortunately, things eventually calmed down and all was well.

In we go! The group held hands as they jumped off the side of the boat

“Let’s do it!” The bunch clasped their hands together before leaping off the edge of the vessel.

And breathe! The couple looked picture perfect as they relaxed on the boat

Take a deep breath! The pair appeared flawless as they unwound aboard the vessel.

Teetering! The group delicately clung to the boat before jumping off and into the sea

The group was carefully balancing on the edge of the boat before they finally took the plunge into the sea. According to reports, Margot received an astonishing USD$12.5million for her role in the upcoming Barbie film. This amounts to more than her previous $10million earnings for her blockbuster movie, Birds Of Prey in 2020. Ryan Gosling, Margot’s co-star in the Barbie movie, reportedly earned the same amount as his on-screen character Ken, placing them both at the 16th spot in Variety’s latest list of highest-paid Hollywood actors. The film is based on the popular Mattel doll line, with Margot taking on the role of Barbie and Ryan as her love interest, Ken.

Aw: They were seen helping a female companion out of the water and onto the back of the yacht

Helping hand: Margot lifted her pal out of the water

Wow! It seems like they were lending a helping hand to a woman who was struggling in the water and lifted her onto the yacht’s deck.

What fun! They all appeared in high spirits on the day

How exciting! They all seemed to be in great spirits on the day. Margot has been confirmed to play the role of Barbie for an upcoming film project and has assured fans that it will be a departure from their expectations. In her own words, “The IP, the name itself, people immediately have an idea of, ‘Oh Margot is playing Barbie, I know what that is’, but our goal is to be like, ‘Whatever you’re thinking, we’re going to give you something totally different – the thing you didn’t know you wanted.'” The popular actress from Neighbours is also looking forward to stimulate meaningful discussions with the movie.

Taking some time! Margot enjoyed a moment to herself on the upper deck

Margot relished a brief period of solitude as she basked in the tranquility of the upper deck.

Warming up: Margot stood wrapped in her towel on the boat

As Margot stood on the boat wrapped in her towel, Robbie asked a question that got her thinking. He wondered if they could make a film that not only paid tribute to the iconic Barbie brand and its loyal fan base, but also surprised viewers and sparked meaningful conversations. Margot was intrigued by this challenge and agreed that it would be the ultimate test of their creative abilities. According to IMDB, the upcoming movie will be a live-action adaptation of the beloved Barbie toys. The plot centers around a doll who is banished from ‘Barbieland’ for not meeting the standards of perfection and embarks on an exciting journey in the real world. Margot couldn’t wait to see how this project would unfold and hoped that they could deliver a film that would please fans old and new. She knew that with hard work and dedication, they could create something truly special that would leave a lasting impression on audiences everywhere.

Chilling: The group partied together on the back of the yacht

Hanging out: The crew enjoyed each other’s company while having a good time at the rear of the boat.

A moment alone: The couple moved away from their pals to sit together on the back of the yacht

A moment alone: The couple moved away from their pals to sit together on the back of the yacht

Taking some time to be alone together, the couple retreated from their friends and settled onto the stern of the boat.

Playful: The swimwear-clad group certainly made a splash

Jovial: The gang, donning their swimwear, definitely caused quite a commotion.

Joyful: They leapt off the boat and into the blue water below

Joyful: They leapt off the boat and into the blue water below

Happily, they jumped from the vessel and plunged into the refreshing blue ocean beneath them.

Easy now! They balanced precariously on the side of the vessel

Hold on tight! They teetered on the edge of the ship. According to a report by Vulture, the upcoming movie is being promoted as a tale about a doll who doesn’t fit in with toy society because she’s not flawless enough. Eventually, she learns that inner beauty is more valuable than outer appearance. The live-action adaptation of Barbie will hit theaters in July 2023, making it the first of its kind for the popular toy franchise.

Come on! Margot held out a hand to her friend in the water

“Let’s go, don’t be afraid,” Margot called out to her friend as they stood waist-deep in the water. With a smile on her face, she extended her hand, urging her hesitant friend to take the plunge with her.

Lunch time! Food was served to the group of pals on the back of the boat

It’s time for lunch! The group of friends enjoyed a delicious meal on the aft deck of the boat.

Cashing in! Margot was paid a whopping USD$ 12.5million to star in the Barbie film, according to reports, with the movie set for release in July 2023

Iconic: Gosling (pictured as his character Ken) reportedly pocketed the same salary as his Barbie movie co-star

According to reports, the iconic actor Gosling (who was shown as his character Ken) supposedly received an equal paycheck compared to his fellow co-star in the Barbie movie.

Soon: The romantic comedy, based on the eponymous Mattel doll line, stars Robbie as Barbie and Gosling (right) as her longtime love interest Ken (the pair are pictured filming in June)

Coming soon is a romantic comedy inspired by the popular Mattel doll line, featuring Margot Robbie as the iconic Barbie and Ryan Gosling as her longtime beau Ken. The duo was spotted filming scenes in June, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release of this fun and lighthearted film.

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