“Radiant Miley Cyrus Shows Off Beach Body After a Recent Split”

Miley Cyrus is currently soaking up the sun and proudly showing off her stunning physique during her trip to the Grand Canyon.

The woman vocalist posted some hot photos of herself wearing a black bikini and a white sleeveless top, showing off her beautiful tattoos. Despite experiencing two heartbreaks in a short amount of time, Miley seemed happy and relaxed as she relaxed beside a stunning pool surrounded by rocks, giving her former partners Liam Hemsworth and Kaitlynn Carter a glimpse of what they missed out on.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, she playfully teased her ex-partners by writing captions that conveyed the message that they wouldn’t find anyone better than her. Her words were lighthearted and said “I am more masculine than you could ever be and more feminine than you will ever have.”

In a recent update, the second person hinted at their readiness to move forward from their past breakups with a simple message. “Goodbyes are tough, but it’s time to bid farewell,” they wrote. To emphasize their eagerness to leave their former partners behind, the post included a photo of the person happily dancing away from the camera. Perhaps, this gesture symbolizes their optimism and willingness to embrace the future ahead.

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