Saying Goodbye to Tattooing Friends: Margot Robbie Shares Bridesmaid Mishap Story

According to Margot Robbie, she has stopped giving tattoos to her friends after a disastrous incident left one of her loved ones with an ugly mark just before a significant wedding. The 29-year-old actress stated that the dreadful moment took place in Australia, where she had traveled back for her friend’s wedding. During the bachelorette party, Margot decided that all her friends should get matching tattoos, which she gave. However, one of her friends wasn’t pleased with the final result and didn’t know what they were getting in the first place. Margot revealed this incident during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Tattoo gun: Margot Robbie revealed Tuesday that she's retired her tattoo gun after a 'few mishaps' during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Margot Robbie shared that she has retired her tattoo gun after a few mishaps. According to her, one of her clients was not happy with the tattoo she got and her mother was furious about it. Robbie felt that she shouldn’t do this anymore after that incident. She recounted the story where the client wasn’t too bothered by the mistake, but her mother was visibly angry the next day at the wedding when her daughter walked down the aisle as one of the maids of honor with a red, raw, scabbing tattoo in a backless dress.

New movie: The 29-year-old Australian actress made the disclosure while promoting Birds Of Prey on the NBC talk show. Pictured with host Jimmy Fallon

During an appearance on the NBC talk show, a new movie was promoted by Margot Robbie, a 29-year-old Australian actress, where she revealed that she has decided to stop tattooing. While she has treated her friends to tattoos for years, Margot has decided to move away from her beloved hobby, after experiencing a few mishaps. She received a tattoo gun from a friend several years ago, which she used to tattoo her Suicide Squad director David Ayer and the cast and crew with ‘SKWAD’ tattoos. However, she has now decided it’s time to give up tattooing for good.

Game time: Margot also competed against Jimmy in a game of Know It All, moderated by announcer Steve Higgins

Let’s talk about Margot’s recent appearance on a game show called Know It All, where she went up against Jimmy under the supervision of Steve Higgins. Among other topics, Margot also opened up about her tattoos, revealing that she had even given herself one on her foot. Looking absolutely stunning in a light blue jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, the Oscar-nominated actress also discussed her new movie Birds of Prey. Margot shed some light on the plot, explaining that Harley Quinn becomes the narrator after breaking up with the Joker. Although she tries to convince everyone (and herself) that she’s okay with it, the truth is far from it.

Starring role: She also talked about Birds Of Prey explaining the set up after her character Harley Quinn, shown in a scene from the film, breaks up with the Joker

In the spotlight was her discussion about Birds of Prey wherein she shed light on the plot following her character’s, Harley Quinn, separation from the Joker as seen in one of the film’s scenes.

Tender moment: Harley buys a hyena and shares a Twizzler with it in the movie

In the movie, Harley has a heartwarming moment when she purchases a hyena and shares a Twizzler with it. After going through the typical stages of a breakup, including crying over ice cream, getting drunk, cutting her hair, and blowing up Ace chemicals, Margot, who plays Harley, pitched Birds Of Prey to Warner Bros. in 2015 and is also a co-producer of the film. Finally, after a long wait, the movie will hit theaters in the US and UK on Friday. Margot hopes that audiences will enjoy the movie as much as she enjoyed making it.

Coming soon: Margot can be seen in Birds Of Prey, which is due out in theaters Friday

Get ready to catch Margot in action as she stars in the upcoming movie, Birds of Prey, hitting theaters this Friday.

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