“Sun-Kissed Margot Robbie Dazzles in a White Swimsuit While Flaunting Her Diving Prowess at Cannes”

Margot Robbie traveled to Cannes for the debut of Quentin Tarantino’s movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. She portrays Sharon Tate, a model from the 1960s. Prior to walking down the red carpet, the 28-year-old actress spent some time relaxing on the beach at Eden Roc, where she enjoyed the sunshine. Margot wowed onlookers with her impressive diving abilities and looked stunning in a white one-shouldered swimsuit which showcased her enviable bikini body.

Time for a swim: Ahead of taking to the red carpet for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood premiere, Margot Robbie soaked up the sun as she hit the beach at Eden Roc on Tuesday

Margot Robbie enjoyed some time in the sun at Eden Roc beach before attending the premiere of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. She donned an asymmetric one-piece that showcased her slim figure, while the high-rise bottoms accentuated her toned legs and curvaceous behind. The actress showed off her swimming skills as she took a dip in the ocean, and didn’t mind getting her hair wet. Afterward, she dried off with a dove grey towel. Margot made the most of the beautiful weather and looked stunning as always.

Wow! Showing off her impressive diving skills, the actress, 28, slipped into a white one-shouldered swimsuit which exhibited her incredible bikini body

Impressively exhibiting her diving skills, the 28-year-old actress flaunted her stunning bikini body while donning a beautiful white one-shouldered swimsuit.

Beach babe: The asymmetric one-piece hugged Margot's slender frame

Margot looked like a true beach babe in her asymmetric one-piece that complemented her slim figure.

Tanned and toned: The high-rise cut on the bottoms made the most of her tremendous pins and peachy derriere

With a high-rise cut on the bottom, her beautifully toned and tanned legs were accentuated, along with her peachy derriere.

Up and away: After diving into the water, Margot climbed out of the sea and ascended some stairs

Margot emerged from the ocean and proceeded to climb a set of stairs. She was up and away, ready to move on to the next adventure.

Fun in the sun: The Australian beauty looked thoroughly relaxed as she strolled along the coastline

Having a blast under the sun: The gorgeous Australian lady appeared completely at ease as she leisurely walked by the seashore.

Relaxing: Margot wasn't afraid to get her softly tumbled tresses wet during her idyllic swim and later dried off in a dove grey towel

In a carefree manner, Margot fearlessly ventured into the water, allowing her delicately tousled hair to soak up the refreshing coolness. After her serene swim, she then gracefully dried herself off with a dove grey towel and made her way back to her hotel to prepare for the much-awaited premiere of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Quentin Tarantino directs this film, which revolves around the notorious Manson Family’s murder of Sharon Tate, an actress who was tragically killed while heavily pregnant. Margot, who portrays Sharon, must depict the brutal end that the actress met.

Exciting: The star then headed back to her hotel to glam up for the highly-anticipated premiere of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The celebrity eventually returned to her lodging to get ready for the much-awaited debut of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Impressive: Making the most of the sunny climes, the Suicide Squad star dived into the water, displaying good technique as she hit the sea

Wow, Margot Robbie really knows how to enjoy a sunny day! The actress from Suicide Squad showed off her swimming skills as she took a dive into the ocean. It was quite impressive to watch her graceful technique and form as she hit the water.

Daring: Margot displayed her amazing physique as she made a dramatic dive into the water

Boldly, Margot flaunted her impressive physical prowess as she gracefully plunged into the refreshing water.

Precarious: The Wolf Of Wall Street star leapt from an extremely high altitude into the crystal clear water below

The actor from “The Wolf Of Wall Street” took a daring plunge from a great height and landed gracefully into the pristine waters below.

Going down: Margot's figure was also on display in the fitted white one-piece, as she enjoyed a quick dip before her red carpet appearance

Margot flaunted her figure in a snug white one-piece, taking a refreshing plunge prior to making an appearance on the red carpet. Meanwhile, the glamorous era of Hollywood is revived by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as they take on the roles of Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth. With a vintage Hollywood feel, the actors transport viewers back to 1969 Los Angeles. As this is the ninth Quentin Tarantino film, audiences can expect a plethora of nods to Hollywood’s past and insights into the making of a Western movie.

Amazing: The Aussie beauty perfectly landed in the water creating barely a splash

Wow: The stunning Australian beauty executed a flawless landing into the water with minimal splashing.

Big jumper: Margot looked almost like a pro as she launched herself into the water below

Margot appeared to be an expert as she effortlessly plunged into the deep end with her massive sweater on.

Loving it: The star's blonde curls billowed behind her as she made her way into the ocean

Enjoying the Moment: With her golden locks flowing in the breeze, the celebrity gracefully walked towards the sea.

Red carpet ready: Margot glammed up for the premiere in a baby doll top and glittering trousers

Margot looked stunning as she walked down the red carpet for the premiere, dressed in a baby doll top and sparkling trousers. She was all glammed up and ready to make a statement with her fashion choice.

True story: Margot plays actress Sharon Tate, who was brutally murdered when she was eight months pregnant (pictured)

Real-life anecdote: Margot depicts the role of Sharon Tate, an actress who suffered a gruesome death while carrying her eight-month-old fetus (as shown in the picture).

The movie boasts a star-studded cast with big names such as Al Pacino, Emile Hirsch, Damian Lewis, Bruce Dern, Dakota Fanning, Austin Butler, Lena Dunham, and Margaret Qualley. The storyline showcases the interconnectedness of the characters as they navigate the Hollywood scene. We see Dalton, a former Western star, living in close proximity to Sharon Tate, one of the industry’s biggest stars during that time. Dalton’s agent, Martin Schwarz, is portrayed by none other than Al Pacino himself. Meanwhile, Rumer Willis plays the role of Joanna Pettet, a close friend of Sharon Tate.

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino, Daniela Pick, David Heyman, Shannon McIntosh, Margot and Brad Pitt attend the screening of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino, Daniela Pick, David Heyman, Shannon McIntosh, Margot Robbie, and Brad Pitt graced the screening event of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

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