“Sun, Surf, and Love: Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley Enjoy Beach Getaway with Stunning Bikini Shots”

Margot Robbie is not content with just lounging on a sun bed for her ideal vacation. Instead, the actress and her husband Tom Ackerley, a British assistant director, opted for an adventurous surfing trip in Costa Rica. Margot displayed her skills as she paddled through the large waves and managed to stand up on her yellow board.

Adventure girl: Margot Robbie shows off her strong bikini body as she goes surfing with husband Tom Ackerley in Costa Rica

Margot Robbie, the daring actress, flaunted her fit physique in a bikini while surfing with her spouse Tom Ackerley in Costa Rica. The couple enjoyed their thrilling adventure in the waves and soaked up the sun on the picturesque beaches of the Central American country.

Passion: When it comes to planning the perfect vacation, Margot Robbie needs more than just a shady sun bed

Margot Robbie is someone who takes vacation planning seriously. She’s not satisfied with simply lounging in the shade on a sun bed. For her, it’s all about finding the perfect getaway experience.

Skills: Margot paddled out over the large waves, before managing to get to her feet

Margot rode the massive waves on her surfboard with skill before finally finding her balance. Once she finished surfing, she confidently made her way back to the shore while carrying her board under her arm. Her toned physique was accentuated by her cropped t-shirt and bikini briefs, while her blonde hair was tied back practically. Although surfing was a big part of her vacation, Margot also took a romantic walk along the beach.

Couple time: The 28-year-old indulged her passion for adventure with her  British assistant director husband Tom Ackerley

Spending quality time with your significant other is always a great idea, and this 28-year-old actress certainly knows how to do it right. She recently enjoyed some thrilling adventures with her partner, who happens to be a British assistant director named Tom Ackerley. It’s great to see couples bonding over their shared interests and passions!

Team sports: The two are regular surfers, often taking to the waves together

Playing sports in a team: It’s common for the two to hit the waves as regular surfers, enjoying their time together.

Skills: Margot wasn't overwhelmed by the rough surf

Margot displayed her surfing prowess as she braved the turbulent waves without any signs of distress. However, she later changed into floral shorts and added a beautiful flower to her hair while sipping on cocktails with Tom and their pals on the beach. Margot, who was raised on a farm in Australia’s Gold Coast, is an avid surfer and often indulges in her hobby with her husband. The couple tied the knot two years ago in a picturesque ceremony at Byron Bay.

Born to ride: Actress Margot hails from Australia's Gold Coast, where the 28-year-old grew up on a farm

Margot, the talented actress, originates from the scenic Gold Coast of Australia, where she spent her childhood years on a farm. Her love for horses and riding began at a tender age and has since been ingrained in her personality.

Golden girl: Margot carries her surfboard as she steps out the waves in Costa Rica

Margot, the surfing sensation, gracefully emerged from the waves in Costa Rica, her golden hair shining in the sunlight as she carried her trusty surfboard. She effortlessly glided across the water, a true natural in her element. It was a mesmerizing sight to watch her surf with such ease and confidence. Margot truly is a golden girl of the surf world.

Up and at it: Tom joined Margot in the ocean

Tom and Margot hit the waves together as they enjoyed each other’s company. Margot recently revealed in an interview that she despises being alone and prefers to be surrounded by friends. She confessed that doing anything solo has no purpose for her, and being by herself makes her go crazy with her own thoughts. However, her career keeps her occupied, leaving little room for loneliness. This explains why she enjoys spending time with companions like Tom, who shares her interests.

Letting her hair down: Luckily Margot doesn't have much time for loneliness, with her career keeping her constantly busy

Margot doesn’t have to worry about feeling lonely as her busy career keeps her occupied most of the time. She can let her hair down without having to dwell on negative emotions.

In her rare free time, Margot Robbie is gearing up to play the lead role of Harley Quinn in the upcoming movie Birds of Prey. This highly anticipated spin-off film revolves around a group of female heroes and villains. Interestingly, not only will Margot play the role of Harley Quinn, but she will also produce the movie. Reports suggest that the film will introduce a new villain that has not been seen on screen before. The movie is being directed by Cathy Yan, who has made history as the first Asian woman to direct a DC film and the third female filmmaker to join the DC universe. Yan is best known for her feature debut, Dead Pigs.

Lovers at dusk: Margot is vacationing with her husband of two years

As the sun sets, Margot and her spouse, who have been married for a couple of years, are spending their holiday together.

Love is in the air: Margot is clearly smitten with her husband

The atmosphere is filled with love: Margot is undoubtedly captivated by her spouse.

Braided beauty: After showering, the actress had pinned a flower in her hair

A lovely hairstyle: The celebrity adorned her hair with a flower after taking a shower. Margot has been working on a Harley Quinn spin-off movie since 2015 and has spent years forming a clear vision for the film. She proposed the concept of an R-rated girl gang film including Harley, as she believed that Harley requires companions. Harley enjoys socializing with others, so making her act alone would not be suitable. To make it more intriguing, she suggested adding a girl gang to the mix. Margot’s main goal was to increase representation of girl gangs in action movies, which is why this was a significant aspect of the idea.

A list: After hitting the surf the I, Tonya star swapped her swimwear for floral shorts and a flower in her hair as she enjoyed cocktails on the sand with Tom and some friends

Following a day of surfing, the well-known actress from I, Tonya changed into a pair of floral shorts and adorned her hair with a flower. She then proceeded to relish in some cocktails on the beach alongside Tom and a group of companions.

Cheers: The friends toast one another at the start of their evening

The buddies raise their glasses to each other as they kick off their night.

The perfect vacation: The group stood on the clear white sands after their day surfing and sunbathing

After a fun-filled day of surfing and soaking up the sun, the gang found themselves standing on the pristine white beach. It was the ideal vacation spot for them.

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