“Superhero Style: Gal Gadot’s Stunning Physique in Lace Lingerie Outshines Isla Fisher in Keeping up with the Joneses Trailer”

Gal Gadot is taking a breather from her Wonder Woman filming duties, but she’s still keeping fit and trim. The 31-year-old actress shows off her stunning physique in lingerie in the hilarious trailer for Keeping Up With The Joneses, which hit the internet on Wednesday.

Wow factor: Gal Gadot stripped down to lingerie in the funny first trailer for Keeping Up With The Joneses released on Wednesday

Gal Gadot made quite an impression on fans in the debut trailer for Keeping Up With The Joneses. The stunning Israeli actress wowed audiences with her appearance in a black lace bra, garter belt, panties, and thigh-high stockings, towering over Isla Fisher’s character in a dressing room. In the scene, Gal’s character mentions leaving a voicemail for Tim while trying on lingerie, which they both enjoy together. Fisher’s character quickly reveals that she and Jeff also have a similar thing but they keep it quick to avoid being caught by their kids. Overall, the trailer offers a hilarious and thrilling glimpse of what’s in store for viewers.

Snooping: The trailer also features Isla Fisher as her character spies on Gal's

Engaging in Covert Activities: The trailer features Isla Fisher’s character participating in some covert activities as she keeps a watchful eye on Gal.

 Stunning: Isla is stunned as the 31-year-old beauty opens the dressing room door with lingerie on

Isla is amazed as she sees the stunning goddess, who is 31 years old, step out of the dressing room in a gorgeous set of lingerie.

Statuesque: Gal towered over her co-star in the funny scene

With an impressive stature, Gal towered over her fellow actor in the humorous skit.

TMI: After stepping out of a dressing room the Israeli-born beauty says: 'I was just leaving Tim a voicemail. He like's to hear from me when I try-on lingerie. It's one of our things. Do you and Jeff have a thing?'

Warning: I had a funny experience today. After trying on some new clothes, a stunning Israeli lady approached me and shared that she was leaving a voicemail for her partner Tim. She mentioned that Tim enjoys hearing about her lingerie shopping adventures as part of their unique bonding ritual. It made me think, do you and your significant other have any special traditions like that?

Opening up: Isla replies: 'We do it really fast in case the kids come running into our room'

According to Isla, in the film, their characters make swift movements during undercover missions to avoid being caught off guard by their kids. Gal takes on the role of Jon Hamm’s spouse in the movie, who are both referred to as the Joneses. On the other hand, Zach Galifianakis hilariously portrays Isla’s on-screen husband. With the Joneses newly settled in their community, Isla and Zach’s characters grew intrigued by their neighbors’ enigmatic persona. They even went to the extent of breaking into their home to gather confidential information.

Ordinary: Isla's husband in the movie is Zach Galifianakis as they play a run-of-the-mill suburban couple

Rewritten: The movie features Zach Galifianakis as Isla’s partner, showcasing a familiar pair living in a suburban setting.

Look of love: Attractive new neighbours are shown arriving including Gal's on-screen husband Jon Hamm

Look of love: Attractive new neighbours are shown arriving including Gal's on-screen husband Jon Hamm

It’s always thrilling when new neighbours move in, especially when they exude a certain charm. And when it’s Jon Hamm, who plays Gal Gadot’s husband on-screen, the excitement level is through the roof. There’s definitely a feeling of love in the air as these newcomers settle into the neighbourhood.

Well hello there! The new neighbours come over for a meeting

Hello! It seems like we have some fresh faces in the neighborhood and they’re here for a gathering.

Intrigued: The plain-Jane definitely seemed to be fascinated by the pair

Intrigued: The ordinary-looking lady seemed fascinated by the pair. Eventually, Jon and Gal’s roles come face to face with them and bring them into their secret missions. The video lasts for roughly two and a half minutes and finishes with Isla and Zach’s characters completing a covert assignment while wearing a hidden microphone. Jon’s character guarantees them that the device is invisible and tucked away in their necktie.

Curious: Their interest causes them to snoop around even breaking into their home

Curious: Their innate inquisitiveness drives them to investigate their environment and occasionally cross boundaries onto restricted grounds.

Eye-opening: They find out the pair are covert operatives as Zach's character finds his information on their personal computer

Unexpected twist: Zach’s character uncovers the truth that the pair are covert operatives after gaining access to their personal computer.

Freeze: Gal and Jon's characters eventually confront the pair

Gal and Jon’s characters eventually confront each other in the end.

Red-handed: Zach and Isla look nervous as they are told not to make a move as

The culprits have been caught in the act, and their expressions show their nervousness as they anticipate the outcome. It is evident that they are aware of their mistake and are preparing themselves for the repercussions.

Want to get away? Zach then makes a run for it

In search of a swift getaway? Zach is all set to take off.

Oops: Isla's character is upset that he attempted to diss his wife

Oops! Isla’s character is currently feeling upset because he made an attempt to disrespect his partner.

Wrong place, wrong time: They find themselves embroiled in the operation as they sit in the back of the car while being shot at

The scenario is not looking good for the individuals involved as they find themselves in the middle of a commotion with bullets whizzing by while sitting in the rear of a vehicle. As the mission begins to fall apart, Zach loses his cool and clutches onto his tie, shrieking for assistance. The release date for Greg Mottola’s latest movie, Keeping Up With The Joneses, is set for October 21 in theaters and October 28 in the United Kingdom.

Man on a mission: The two-and-a-half minute clip ends with Isla and Zach's characters performing an undercover mission as they are forced to wear a wire

This two and a half minute video features a determined man on a mission. The clip ends with Isla and Zach’s characters going undercover, requiring them to wear a hidden recording device.

Outfitter: Jon's character assures Zach that everything is safe as he says: 'Your tie has been fitted with a miniature surveillance mic. It's completely undetectable

Jon, the outfitter, puts Zach’s mind at ease by explaining that his tie has been fitted with a minuscule microphone for surveillance purposes, which cannot be detected.

Hilarious: The mission seemingly goes awry and Zach hilariously grabs a hold of his tie and yells 'Help! Help!' at the top of his lungs

It was quite amusing when the mission faced unexpected obstacles and Zach, with a lighthearted approach, ended up grabbing his tie and yelling for help at the loudest volume possible.

Coming soon: Keeping Up With The Joneses, directed by Greg Mottola, is set for release on October 21 with a UK release following the week after on 28 October

Get ready for an exciting new film release! Keeping Up With The Joneses, directed by Greg Mottola, is set to premiere on October 21st in theaters across the country. For those in the UK, mark your calendars for October 28th to catch this highly-anticipated movie.

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