“Transparency at its Best: Miley Cyrus Bares All in Sheer Top”

Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus caused quite a stir in Calabasas, California when she was spotted wearing a see-through top that left little to the imagination. Despite her reputation for being bold and daring, this outfit takes things to a whole new level.

Miley Cyrus, the famous singer of ‘Prisoner’, was recently seen in Calabasas, California, wearing a sheer top. The 28-year-old singer looked effortlessly stylish as she stepped out for some shopping in a white tank top and tight grey leggings. Even though her top was extremely thin, Miley decided to go braless, leaving herself completely exposed. She covered herself by pulling the tank top tight over her chest. Surprisingly, Miley seemed unfazed by the attention she was getting and confidently carried on with her shopping while being responsible by wearing a mask.

Miley Cyrus

Similar to the UK, the United States is also struggling to control the spread of Covid-19 amidst the ongoing global pandemic that continues to claim many lives worldwide. Unfortunately, the US has one of the highest mortality rates globally. To complete her appearance, Miley sported a pair of large reflective sunglasses and had her hair tied up in a tight bun. Miley, who is openly bisexual, recently acknowledged that she finds women more attractive than men and prefers dating them. During an interview with SiriusXM, the Angel Like You singer stated that “Girls are way hotter. We know this. Everyone I think can agree that from ancient times penises make wonderful sculptures. Other than that, I’m not as interested.”

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I have an appreciation for the aesthetic qualities of penises, they look like works of art to me. The shape of them is quite sculptural and I think they would make a great centerpiece on a table. However, I prefer it if they can just do their job and then disappear because I don’t want them looking at me. That’s just how I feel and I’m glad I can be honest about it. It’s common knowledge that most people find breasts more visually appealing than the male genitalia. Personally, this is why I find female relationships more understandable and appealing. It’s worth noting that I am the Goddaughter of the iconic country singer Dolly Parton.

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Last year, Miley ended her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, whom she had been with for a long time and married for a year. She wrote most of her latest album about their breakup. Miley spoke honestly about how she would frequently reach out to her producer friend Mark Ronson to work in the studio with her as a way to cope instead of messaging Liam. The music became an outlet for her emotions.

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