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Miley Cyrus created a stir during the 2015 MTV VMAs by showcasing her distinct fashion sense. She sported 11 diverse outfits, each with lively colors and dramatic designs ranging from a bedazzled jumpsuit to a transparent plastic garment adorned with brightly colored drug pastilles. One of her attires included a high-cut silver leotard matched with a tinsel cape reminiscent of her Bangerz era, where she famously went commando. Throughout the night, her outfits became increasingly eccentric, with one inspired by the LGBT pride flag and another embellished with mirrors. Miley’s final performance saw her donning a playful leotard with quirky accessories. In the press room, Miley surprised the media with a pink latex mini-dress featuring an inflatable message that reads “Do It” and a pig snout headband. Although Miley experimented with her fashion choices, she appeared to be having fun and enjoying herself. She even took the opportunity to announce her new album, Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz, which she is offering for free. Being someone who recently came out as bisexual, Miley seemed to be embracing her true self and expressing it through her bold and unconventional fashion statements.

The ex-Disney celebrity put on a spirited performance in a unique leotard and later turned up at the press conference wearing an inflatable outfit adorned with a pig design. Her fans were thrilled with her entertaining act, surpassing her well-known twerking performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs. When she returned to host the awards ceremony two years later, she elevated the level of absurdity with even more outrageous behavior. Despite the live broadcast delay to censor offensive language and unsuitable actions, Miley still managed to expose her bare chest on national television.

Slipping past the censors: Despite the live broadcast being on a delay, to censor language and lewd behavior, Miley still managed to get her bare breast on national television during the MTV VMAs on Sunday night

Miley Cyrus managed to break through the boundaries set by MTV during her live performance at the VMAs. Despite the delay imposed to avoid any inappropriate content, she succeeded in avoiding the censors. While backstage, she accidentally exposed her breast to the camera for a brief moment and quickly apologized through her headset. As if that wasn’t enough, she also got into a heated argument with Nicki Minaj on live television, making the night even more eventful.

Success never tasted so sweet: The singer celebrated after her drug-themed show by lighting up a joint backstage

Following his performance centered around drugs, the performer spent a while rejoicing behind the scenes with a marijuana cigarette. The singer was particularly content with this accomplishment.

Blowing kisses: Miley looked quite relaxed after celebrating her big night at the VMAs

After her triumphant night at the VMAs, Miley seemed to be totally at ease and taking time to unwind. Witnesses caught her sending air kisses and giving off an aura of calmness and poise.

She's back! Miley made a triumphant return on Sunday night as host of the MTV VMAs 

Would you believe it? Miley Cyrus has made a remarkable comeback by hosting the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday evening.

Firing away: During the final live performance of the night, Miley was certain to be as raunchy as possible

Firing away: During the final live performance of the night, Miley was certain to be as raunchy as possible

Miley let loose and went all out in her last live performance, fearlessly unleashing her wild side with daring and provocative dance moves.

'Stick your tongues out!' The star then encouraged the audience to mimic her lewd behavior

During the awards ceremony, Nicki Minaj created a buzz when she received the award for Best Hip-Hop video and used the opportunity to address some negative comments made by Miley Cyrus in the media. She expressed her frustration using explicit language, and although Miley was also present on stage during the incident, she tried to play it down by acknowledging the media’s manipulative nature in the industry and congratulating Nicki. However, Nicki surprised everyone by urging the audience to emulate Miley’s provocative behavior, such as sticking their tongues out, to drive home her point.

Battle: The Wrecking Ball singer also got into a verbal argument with Nicki Minaj on live television

Battle: The Wrecking Ball singer also got into a verbal argument with Nicki Minaj on live television

During a TV appearance, the well-known vocalist, who rose to fame with her hit song “Wrecking Ball,” engaged in a heated dispute with Nicki Minaj.

How do you top yourself? Miley pushed the extremes on the fashion end in an obvious bid to outdo her previous appearances on the show

Are you curious about how to surpass your own accomplishments? Look no further than Miley Cyrus, who consistently sets a new standard with her fashion choices, always striving to outdo herself from previous appearances.

Grand entrance: Miley made sure to add a psychedelic touch to the show

At the show, Miley made a stunning entrance, bringing an infusion of psychedelic energy to the event. Although her microphone was turned off, Nicki’s expressions indicated that she was shouting at her. Miley didn’t remain silent and elegantly reminded Nicki that she had faced various challenges in the past. The disagreement between the two artists occurred after Miley criticized Nicki for her Twitter feud with Taylor Swift in an interview with the New York Times. She labeled her as selfish. Nicki was upset about receiving few nominations at the VMAs, which led to Taylor responding to her. Fortunately, Taylor and Nicki put their differences aside and performed together on Sunday. However, Miley and Nicki still need to reconcile their differences.

Pushing the limits: The exhibitionist set a new standard for skimpy fashion on TV

Pushing the limits: The exhibitionist set a new standard for skimpy fashion on TV

A daring individual is confidently showing off an incredibly revealing outfit on the television, pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Eye see you! Another costume change showcased two peepers as a bra and lips as a bottom

Hey there, check out this funky and offbeat costume makeover! It presents a unique perspective on conventional attire, featuring a bra designed to resemble a pair of eyes and a lower piece incorporating a pair of lips. This extraordinary outfit is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impact.

All of the pretty colours: Miley appeared to have a role in the background display as it consistently featured psychedelic patterns

At the event, Miley Cyrus played a role of support amidst the captivating and trippy visuals. Rita Ora and a troop of performers in costumes joined her on stage earlier in the evening. Miley even encouraged the crowd to yell out “marijuana!” and snapped a selfie using her reliable selfie stick. In a playful manner, she humorously declared that Ellen DeGeneres was no match for her, referencing Ellen’s iconic Oscar selfie that showcased renowned celebrities like Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. In contrast, Miley’s snapshot featured Kim Kardashian and Ora.

Outrageous iOutrageous is putting it lightly: The pop star barely maintained her modesty with a plastic balloon outfit

Outrageous iOutrageous is putting it lightly: The pop star barely maintained her modesty with a plastic balloon outfit

It’s difficult to put into words just how daring the pop star’s fashion choice was. She fearlessly walked in a plastic bubble ensemble that definitely turned heads. The outfit was so revealing that it practically left nothing to the imagination.

'Say marijuana!' Miley was joined onstage by Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian, and a group of costumed performers as she asked everyone present to say 'marijuana!' before snapping the picture with a selfie stick

During her performance, Miley Cyrus decided to add some excitement by inviting Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian, and several performers in costumes on stage with her. She took things up a notch by using a selfie stick and asking everyone to shout “marijuana!” before taking a memorable picture.

Taking a backseat: As Kim posed for selfies with Miley, Kanye West could be seen lounging in the back

Kanye West was spotted chilling in the backseat while Miley and Kim snapped some photos.

Finished product: Miley's attempt to outdo Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie was not a total failure

Miley Cyrus had high hopes of topping Ellen DeGeneres’ iconic Oscars selfie, but unfortunately, she didn’t quite make the cut. However, that doesn’t mean her performance was a total letdown. Even though the crowd was mostly families, Miley couldn’t resist mentioning drugs right from the start of the show. Throughout the rest of the night, she made it a point to refer to smoking or ingesting marijuana whenever she could. In one skit, Miley and Tyga were shown munching on cannabis-infused cookies during a slumber party at her dad’s house.

'Coming up next!' Miley teased one of her racier outfits with a belfie on Instagram

Controversial: Miley Cyrus got off to a racy start to her MTV Video Music Awards hosting gig by posting this nude photo just hours before the event on Sunday

“Are you ready for it?” Miley playfully teased her followers with a sneak peek of her bold attire in a selfie from the back on Instagram. She had already shared a photo of herself in the nude earlier in the day.

'Ya i smoke weed': The star bragged about her marijuana use

The well-known individual confidently declared her fondness for cannabis, saying, “I enjoy smoking marijuana.”

Showing him something: Miley cried ‘Hey Justin, call me when you’re legal!’ before ripping open her trenchcoat to reveal her bodysuit

Miley caused quite a stir with her recent display of a revealing bodysuit and a provocative call-out to Justin. Her statement, “Give me a call when you’re legal,” raised eyebrows and sparked some controversy. In addition, she shared a special treat with Snoop Dog – a cannabis-infused brownie that he claimed was baked by Miley’s grandma. After the show, Miley continued to embrace the theme by smoking a joint backstage. Despite all the excitement, Miley still found time for a thoughtful moment, jokingly suggesting that the lack of a host for the past two years might continue even after her own hosting gig.

Playing coy: The self-proclaimed hippie stood tall in platforms as she flirted with Justin Bieber

Enjoying oneself: Someone who identified as a hippie confidently flirted with Justin Bieber while wearing fashionable platform shoes.

 She's got some front! The singer is certainly body confident

Wow, she’s completely without fear! The vocalist exudes self-assurance and comfort in her own body.

During the VMA event, Miley Cyrus had quite a few wardrobe changes that caught everyone’s attention. She candidly admitted that she may not be qualified to host the show due to her lack of experience on stage. She even joked that perhaps MTV chose her as a host just so she wouldn’t perform instead. The event took an unexpected turn when Kanye West announced his candidacy for president in 2020. After he spoke about using marijuana to ease his nerves before performing, Miley resumed her hosting duties.

Crushing it: Jared Leto stole a snap with the young pop star

Jared Leto was spotted taking a photo with a rising star in the pop music scene and he absolutely nailed it.

She can't help it! The pair got up close and personal with each other

It was no surprise that they were growing closer and showing more love and affection towards each other.

Flashback: The singer referenced her most provocative appearance on the show, which took place in 2013 with Robin Thicke

Looking back: The vocalist took a trip down memory lane and recalled her daring outfit that she wore while performing with Robin Thicke on the show in 2013. In a light-hearted tone, Miley joked, “Wow, we finally get to witness how Kanye acts when he’s under the influence!” She and Kanye both had adoration for Kim Kardashian. Miley couldn’t help but remark on Kim’s famous figure, saying, “Those are some impressive curves, I’m envious of the baby in there!” Apart from the rehearsed portions, Miley also had some uncomfortable incidents that arose spontaneously.

Strip tease: The emcee was quick on the draw when it came to taking her clothes off

Strip tease: The emcee was quick on the draw when it came to taking her clothes off

The artist possessed an extraordinary ability in the realm of burlesque, demonstrating noteworthy expertise in removing her attire.

Shimmy: Miley shook off her festive coat

With a flurry of moves, Miley shed her dazzling festive outfit and left behind all the glitz and glam.

Loving the attention: MTV shared a backstage snap of the scantily clad emcee

MTV created quite a stir when they shared an intimate snapshot of Justin Bieber backstage. The recent Video Music Awards were a huge success for Bieber, who made a triumphant return to the stage and was overwhelmed by the response from his audience, leaving him in tears. Miley Cyrus also had some fun during her performance, teasing Bieber’s aerial stunts while dressed in a metallic coat over a bodysuit. Despite Bieber’s reputation as a notorious troublemaker among pop stars, the 21-year-old showed his vulnerable side as he struggled to hold back his emotions and broke down in sobs on stage, leading to thunderous applause from his fans.

By the skin of her teeth: Prior to her purposeful bare breasted flashing, Miley barely maintained her modesty

By the skin of her teeth: Prior to her purposeful bare breasted flashing, Miley barely maintained her modesty

Miley had a close call with a wardrobe malfunction, which prompted her to make a daring choice to intentionally reveal her chest. She had been struggling to keep her outfit in place beforehand.

Sequinned: The star rocked a Seventies style

The well-known individual appeared absolutely gorgeous in their fashionable throwback outfit that paid homage to the 70s era. The ensemble was embellished with glimmering sequins, adding a touch of glamour to the overall look.

Sliding in: At the opening, she rode a psychedelic slide onto the stage 

As the show began, she made a stunning arrival by elegantly gliding down a colorful and trippy slide that led her directly to the middle of the platform.

Flower power: Miley wore a multi-coloured coat as she greeted the audience

Miley made a lasting impression as the host of the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. Her eye-catching, vibrant coat was the talk of the town as she energetically welcomed the audience. She later flirted awkwardly with a crying celebrity and offered him an invitation to contact her once he becomes of legal age. In another shocking move, Miley opened her trenchcoat to reveal a revealing bodysuit. Her fashion choices were spot on, particularly her silver, futuristic outfit that turned heads on the red carpet. Being the event’s emcee, Miley knew she had to stand out, and she did just that.

Power! The star kept the crowd going in-between performances and awards

The well-known figure managed to maintain the audience’s excitement during the intervals between shows and prize distributions.

Burner: The pop sensation looked to have taken some fashion inspiration from Burning Man, which kicks off in the US on Monday

Burner: The pop sensation looked to have taken some fashion inspiration from Burning Man, which kicks off in the US on Monday

On the first day of the week, it appeared that the famous artist had drawn inspiration from the highly anticipated Burning Man festival in the United States, incorporating some of the event’s fashion concepts into their own clothing choices.

Living it up! The star showed off her penchant for keep her tongue wagging

Wow, that was quite an entertaining experience! The well-known personality expressed her love for having a good time by playfully sticking out her tongue.

Always grinding: The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus put on her favourite dance moves while onstage

Without taking a break, the offspring of Billy Ray Cyrus mesmerized the audience with her go-to dance routine during her performance.

Cooing: Miley got up close and personal with her collaborator Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips

Miley Cyrus and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips looked at ease as they collaborated on music. Miley, who is known for her wild antics, pushed the envelope further by posting a daring photo on her Instagram. In the photo, she was naked with pink stars covering her private areas to tone down the scandalous nature of the picture. The accompanying caption suggested that she was gearing up for her hosting gig at the VMAs.

Just the right fit: Miley was sure to act cheeky even when not on live TV

Just the right fit: Miley was sure to act cheeky even when not on live TV

Miley’s vibrant and cheerful personality shines through effortlessly, even when she’s not in the limelight. She has an innate ability to add a touch of humor and playfulness to any situation.

Read my lips: Miley sported many cartoonish costumes throughout the evening

Have a glance: Miley appeared in numerous playful and fanciful outfits during the night.

Always playing for attention: Wearing a skintight dress she pushed her back out for a photo 

The young lady in question seems to have a desire for attention, as evidenced by her recent fashion choice – a tight-fitting dress that emphasized her figure while posing for a photo. In the picture, it appears that she had just woken up and looked tired while covering one of her eyes with her hand. What’s interesting is that her famous father, Billy Ray Cyrus, posted some old photos of himself and his daughter on his Instagram account on the same day. In one of the pictures, a much younger Miley can be seen wearing a white dress, while her father rocked a studded blue jacket and mullet. It’s clear that he’s proud of his daughter, who has now become a celebrity in her own right.

Proud of her! Billy Ray hugged his daughter backstage after her rousing performance

Proud of her! Billy Ray hugged his daughter backstage after her rousing performance

Overflowing with happiness, Billy Ray embraced his daughter warmly in the backstage area following her enthralling show.

With a wide smile on her face, Miley held up the Moon Man trophy, feeling an overwhelming sense of accomplishment after a great evening.

Parting gift: The star appeared to hand out an avocado backstage from a reusable bag

Before leaving, the renowned celebrity gifted a backstage worker an avocado in a reusable bag as a farewell gesture. Fond memories of their collaboration on the Disney Channel series “Hannah Montana” from 2006 to 2011 were also shared through some pictures. Miley Cyrus pumped up her upcoming concert by posting Instagram videos of herself and the internet sensation Baddiewinkle, known for her comical social media presence, hanging out in matching outfits backstage. Miley gained attention for her back-to-back performances at the VMAs in 2013 and 2014. Her popular 2013 performance with Robin Thicke included a foam finger, while the next year, she brought Jesse Helt, a homeless youth, as her date to the ceremony and invited him to accept her Video of the Year award for “Wrecking Ball” on her behalf.

Space age: Miley Cyrus shocked fans when arriving on the red carpet of her hosting gig at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday

Space age: Miley Cyrus shocked fans when arriving on the red carpet of her hosting gig at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday

Fans were thrilled when the up-and-coming woman arrived at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles last Sunday to serve as host. Her outfit had a futuristic vibe, evoking thoughts of space travel.

Space age: The Party In The USA hitmaker was not afraid to show off a little bit of skin

During the time when space travel was a big thing, the singer who performed the hit song “Party In The USA” wasn’t afraid to flaunt her body.

Always on! The star appeared to have superhuman energy as even before the live telecast began she was already in full performance mode on the arrivals carpet

Always on! The star appeared to have superhuman energy as even before the live telecast began she was already in full performance mode on the arrivals carpet

The renowned figure seems to possess boundless energy! Even prior to the start of the live broadcast, she was already in full swing on the arrivals carpet, projecting an image of having an extraordinary level of stamina.

No turning this off! Miley strutted down the carpet as she was followed for a crew of photographers

As Miley walked the red carpet, a swarm of photographers trailed behind her. But it was her performance with Thicke on stage that really stuck with people. Despite the show being marketed as family-friendly, Miley shed her clothes and gyrated suggestively with Thicke while wearing a gold bikini. She pressed herself against him, shook her behind, and famously stuck out her tongue. Paula Patton, Thicke’s wife at the time, watched from the audience, but the couple eventually split in 2014 and divorced in 2015.

Family matters: Cyrus matriarch Tish - toting a Kotur clutch - joined her family, including actors Braison, Noah, recording artist Billy Ray, actress Brandi Glenn, and host Miley on the arrivals carpet

During a recent event, Tish Cyrus, the head of the Cyrus family, was spotted carrying a stylish Kotur clutch as she walked with her family members. Among them were Braison and Noah, who are actors, Billy Ray, a well-known recording artist, Brandi Glenn, an actress, and Miley, who hosted the event. The group made a grand entrance together, attracting the attention of everyone present. It was a delightful family affair that left an indelible impression on all those who witnessed it.

Arriving in style: Miley was chauffeured in a golf cart to the theater

Miley made a grand entrance at the theater by arriving in a stylish golf cart, adding to her already impressive persona.

Back in the day: The 22-year-old's father Billy Ray Cyrus definitely seemed excited about the big day as he posted this old photo from his heyday in the Nineties

Beforehand, Billy Ray Cyrus’ father appeared to be thrilled about this momentous occasion. He shared a throwback picture from his prime days back in the ’90s.

Dynamic duo: The 54-year-old singer also shared a few snaps from their Disney Channel show together called Hannah Montana, which aired from 2006 to 2011

The duo that always catches attention: The 54-year-old vocalist recently posted some pictures and reminisced about their partnership in the Hannah Montana show on Disney Channel, which aired for five years from 2006 to 2011.

Controversial: Miley is pictured with internet star Baddie Winkle ahead of tonight's broadcast

The internet went wild when Miley Cyrus was photographed with social media influencer Baddie Winkle before an upcoming show. Nevertheless, back in 2014, at an awards ceremony, she took a unique approach by sending a homeless teenager named Jesse to receive her award for the hit song “Wrecking Ball.” Jesse utilized his moment on stage to urge the audience to contribute to My Friend’s Place – a non-profit organization that aids underprivileged youngsters in Hollywood. While some people in the audience booed Miley for not accepting the award herself, she was in tears as Jesse spoke. Interestingly, Miley shared a video on how to donate to the charity on her Facebook page during Jesse’s speech.

Having a blast: The Wrecking Ball singer hyped up fans by posting a few videos of herself hanging out with the 87-year-old internet personality

Miley Cyrus’s recent posts on social media have caused quite a stir among her followers, as she can be seen in multiple videos hanging out with the renowned 87-year-old online personality. Her fans are overjoyed and amused by this unexpected pairing.

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