“Unleash Your Inner Diva with these 25 Trendy Monokinis Straight from Miami Swim Week for a Sizzling Look”

Chances are, we’ll see the famous artist rocking one of these in the near future.

Monokinis From Miami Swim Week Fit For Miley Cyrus

In recent months, Miley Cyrus has shown a fondness for a particular style of swimsuit: the monokini. To clarify, a monokini is essentially a one-piece bathing suit that is highly revealing and comparable to a bikini in terms of coverage. In fact, Cyrus is so enamored with this style that she even donned a black monokini on the cover of her most recent single “We Can’t Stop”.

Miley Cyrus Sєxy swimsuit for new single We Can't Stop - Mirror Online

Miami Swim Week showcased an array of sizzling swimsuits that proved the appeal of the barely-there style extends beyond Miley Cyrus. Designers like Mara Hoffman incorporated bohemian accents with India-inspired prints and colors, using monokini-style cutouts to create unique designs. Aguaclara and Caitlin Kelly opted for daring black fabrics that push the boundaries of traditional swimwear. These daring designs suggest that the classic bikini may have some serious competition in the fashion industry.

Sєxy) Street Style: Miley Cyrus - Stylish Starlets

While some people might be hesitant about its daring and unconventional design, the monokini has been creating a buzz at Miami Swim Week. This trend has become increasingly popular, both on the runway and by the poolside, and seems to be a mainstay for yet another season. To satisfy those who adore this style, we have compiled a list of the 25 most revealing monokinis from Miami Swim that are sure to catch the attention of Miley Cyrus, who is known to be a big fan of this trend. Who knows, she might even be seen sporting one or more of these designs in the near future.

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