Unleashing the Untold Story of Gal Gadot: Why She’s Tackling Cleopatra Role Despite Wonder Woman Director’s Exit and Comparisons to Scarlett Johansson’s Controversial Decisions

Gal Gadot’s journey to stardom has been truly remarkable. It all began in the year 2004 when she won the Miss Israel Competition at the young age of 18. Her victory acted as a catalyst for her career, which initially started with modeling but gradually shifted towards acting. Her enchanting beauty, exceptional talent, magnetic personality, and outstanding acting abilities have earned her a legion of fans worldwide.

Gal Gadot, despite her preference for working across different genres of films, has found herself embroiled in a whitewashing controversy over her upcoming portrayal of Cleopatra. However, the Israeli actress defends the Egyptian Queen, stating that there is more to her than being just a renowned seductress who would do anything to save her kingdom. Gadot emphasizes that the project is too personal for her and that she aims to do justice to Cleopatra’s nuanced character. When news first broke that Gadot would play the role of Cleopatra in an upcoming movie, many critics called it a step back in Hollywood representation. The controversy escalated when historians pointed out that the Queen was of mixed ethnicity and had darker skin color, unlike Gadot, who is an Ashkenazi Jew, making her more white than a Middle Eastern woman.

Despite the controversy surrounding the casting of Cleopatra in the upcoming movie, Gal Gadot has confirmed that the film will proceed with its current cast. In an exclusive interview with Vogue Hong Kong, Gadot shared her personal connection to the story of Cleopatra, having grown up hearing tales of the ancient queen who was a household name. She even compared Cleopatra to her iconic superhero character, Wonder Woman, noting that while Wonder Woman is a fictional symbol of female strength, Cleopatra was a real-life leader who embodied those qualities. Gadot expressed her fascination with Cleopatra’s story and her desire to share it with audiences, citing her extensive research on the subject as inspiration for taking on the role.

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According to her, the Egyptian Queen was commonly believed to be a seductive woman who engaged in extramarital affairs to establish political alliances that would safeguard her kingdom. However, during the course of working on the movie, she came to the realization that Cleopatra’s reputation as a temptress was largely shaped by various narrations and individual interpretations. She pointed out that all she had ever seen of Cleopatra in movies was her portrayal as a seductive woman who had romantic relationships with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Nevertheless, the truth is that there is so much more to her than that.

Actress Gal Gadot expressed her enthusiasm for playing the role of Queen Cleopatra in an upcoming film by stating that Cleopatra was a remarkable historical figure who was ahead of her time. According to Gadot, Egypt during her reign was futuristic for its time. She is passionate about portraying this character accurately and giving justice to her legacy. The script for the movie is already written, and Gadot is excited to share Cleopatra’s story with the world and change the narrative that portrays her merely as a seductive figure.

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Gal Gadot’s perspective on playing the role of Cleopatra has remained consistent since her interview with BBC Arabic back in 2020. Though they had initially searched for a Macedonian actress to play the part, none were found, so she took on the role of the historical figure she admires. Despite some controversies surrounding casting choices, Gadot believes that anyone can make the movie and hopes to celebrate Cleopatra’s legacy and honor the iconic figure. Similarly, Scarlett Johansson received backlash for her role in Ghost in the Shell, as fans criticized the choice for a Caucasian actress to play a character meant to be portrayed by an Asian actress. While it may be difficult to support Johansson’s casting decision, the controversy highlights the importance of diverse representation in the film industry.

Scarlett Johansson was cast as the lead role in Ghost in the Shell, even though the film had several Asian actors in supporting roles. This decision received criticism from fans who felt that the essence of the film was lost with the casting choice. Director Rupert Sanders defended his decision by saying that he wanted a popular international star like Johansson to attract a wider audience. However, this statement did not sit well with fans and the movie only earned $167.9 million at the worldwide box office, which was disappointing considering the popularity of anime and manga.

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