“Unveiling the Dark Side of AI: ‘Deepfakes’ Algorithm Generates Pornographic Content with Celebrities’ Faces”

A Reddit user has created a startling video that depicts a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, using an artificial intelligence algorithm trained on pornographic videos and images of the actress. Leading experts have expressed concern at the ease with which these videos can be created, highlighting the potential dangers of machine learning algorithms being used irresponsibly. The video features Gadot’s face superimposed onto another person’s body, and was made using a combination of stock photos, Google search images and YouTube clips of the actress.

A troubling new video that appears to show Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot performing in a short porn film has shed startling light on what could happen when machine learning falls into the wrong hands

A concerning video has emerged that seems to show Gal Gadot, star of Wonder Woman, in a short pornographic film. This raises alarming questions about what could occur if machine learning technology is misused. The image was created using an algorithm that was trained on genuine pornography featuring Gal Gadot and images of her. The program can produce an approximation of the actor’s face that can be superimposed onto the video subject. As this information is publicly available, it could be accomplished without the person’s permission. With people constantly uploading pictures to social media sites, such techniques could be exploited by anyone to harass someone they know. While the video itself may not be convincing, it highlights growing concerns around machine learning and its potential to create fake porn and other malicious content without consent, including videos featuring Taylor Swift and Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones. The Redditor used open-source machine learning tools to generate the fake pornographic videos.

An individual known as deepfakes on Reddit has created a video featuring a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Gal Gadot, with the actress’ face superimposed onto someone else’s head. According to deepfakes, the method used to create the footage involved using numerous facial images to generate millions of distorted pictures for training purposes. This allows the network to identify and attempt to reconstruct someone else’s face. The video serves as a warning that readily available technology can be utilized to produce convincing fake videos in a short amount of time, potentially presenting a concerning issue in the future.

The video was made by training a machine learning algorithm on stock photos, Google search images, and YouTube videos of the star (pictured above as Wonder Woman) ¿ and experts warn the technique is ¿no longer rocket science¿

The creation of a video featuring Wonder Woman was achieved through the training of a machine learning algorithm using pictures from stock photos, Google searches, and YouTube videos. However, experts are warning that this technique is no longer difficult to execute. With the constant uploading of photos on social media platforms, individuals could easily use this strategy to harass others. AI researcher, Alex Champandard, has cautioned that it is imperative for everyone to understand the ease with which images and videos can be forged. In fact, in just a few months, it may become impossible to distinguish between forgeries. This technique was previously only possible with significant resources and professionals in visual effects, but now, a single programmer with advanced computer hardware can achieve it.

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