“Why Erase My Story?”: Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Unconventional Love Life While Flaunting Her Toned Physique on the British Vogue Cover in a Green Satin Bra.

Miley Cyrus has recently graced the cover of British Vogue as their June 2023 cover star. The magazine featured a stunning photoshoot of the 30-year-old singer, who talked about her romantic life in the interview. Miley looked gorgeous in a series of alluring outfits, including a satin green bra and mini skirt that complemented her toned and tattooed figure. In another shot, she wore a seductive red underwear set while lying on the ground and donning black mesh gloves. Despite her public divorce from Liam Hemsworth in 2020, Miley expressed that she has no regrets.

Incredible: Miley Cyrus has landed her first British Vogue cover as she was unveiled as the iconic magazine's June 2023 cover star with stunning photoshoot

Exciting news! Miley Cyrus graces the cover of British Vogue for the first time ever. The iconic magazine selected her as their cover star for the June 2023 issue, and she looks absolutely stunning in the accompanying photoshoot.

Wow! The singer, 30, slipped into a racy red underwear set and lay on the ground, while accessorising with black mesh gloves

The 30-year-old singer recently posed in a revealing red lingerie set and black mesh gloves. Despite her 10-year relationship coming to an end, she values her story and experiences, believing they make for interesting storytelling. She met her ex-partner on the set of a movie in 2009 and had an on/off relationship before marrying in 2018, but the couple separated in 2019 and officially divorced in 2020. Fans believe that her song “Flowers and Muddy Feet” contains lyrics alluding to her marriage and the loss of their home in the Woolsey Fire. Although she denied hiding messages in her music, she admitted to dating Maxx Morando, a drummer and songwriter from the band Liily, whom she went on a blind date with a few summers ago. The couple values their privacy, but Miley hinted at their relationship in a Vogue interview in September 2021, mentioning Maxx’s illustrations being used in a designer’s collection.

Speaking about the 10-year relationship coming to an end, she explained: 'I wouldn't erase my story or want it to be erased. Having an interesting life makes for interesting storytelling.'

She discussed the termination of her decade-long relationship and stated that she wouldn’t erase it. She expressed her belief that having a fascinating life leads to fascinating stories.

Addressing rumours of hidden messages in Flowers, she said: 'I never need to be a master at the craft of tricking an audience,' [...] 'It will set itself on fire all by itself.'

Responding to rumors of hidden messages in her music video for “Flowers,” the singer, who is known for her relaxed style, stated that she does not need to be a master at tricking her audience. She also recently released a new music video for her song “Jaded,” which features her frolicking in various swimsuits throughout a dreamy landscape. In the video, Miley sings about regret from a past relationship while showing off her toned figure and tattoos. Fans on Twitter speculated that the song is about her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, with some noting references to their past relationship. The video has a hazy filter that gives it a dream-like quality and was teased on Instagram with a sultry image.

Split: Liam and singer met in 2009 and married in December 2018 before splitting less than a year later; seen in 2019

Liam and the singer crossed paths in the year 2009 and exchanged vows in December 2018. Unfortunately, their marital bliss was short-lived as they decided to part ways less than a year later. A sighting of the couple was recorded in 2019.

Private pair: Miley and new boyfriend Maxx are intensely private about their relationship, but Miley has previously described Max as one of her 'favorite emerging artists'

Miley and her new beau Maxx are keeping their relationship under wraps, as they prefer to keep things private. In the past, Miley has referred to Maxx as one of her top favorite rising artists. Recently, she shared a snap on social media with the caption, “You broke your own heart but you’d never say that.” This was originally a lyric from her song Jaded, which is the third single from her latest album Endless Summer Vacation. The song touches on Miley’s feelings of regret and missed opportunities due to her partner’s jaded outlook. Readers can check out more about Miley in the June issue of British Vogue, which is available in stores and online from Thursday 23 May.

No shirt: Miley Cyrus dropped the music video for Jaded on Tuesday. The Flowers singer, 30, frolics topless as she sings about heartbreak

Miley Cyrus has just released her latest music video for the song “Jaded.” In the video, the 30-year-old Flowers singer can be seen enjoying herself while singing about heartbreak. One distinctive thing about the video is that Miley appears topless, which adds a unique touch to the overall aesthetic.

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