You’ve Been Pronouncing Gal Gadot’s Name Wrong This Whole Time

Getty | Anthony Harvey

By now, Gal Gadot has become synonymous with Wonder Woman, so isn’t it time that we learned to properly pronounce her name? We think so. Gal’s first name is pretty much pronounced how it’s written (think “gal pal”). You’ve also probably found yourself pronouncing her last name as “Guh-dough” or “Gah-dot” thinking you’ve got it all down, but sorry to disappoint you: both of those are wrong. As it turns out, Gal actually set the record straight when she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live back in March 2016 (yes, over a year ago!). During her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Gal explained that the correct way to pronounce her last name is “Gah-dote.” Say it with me: “Gah-dote.” Gadot means river bank, while Gal means wave in Israeli.

During her stop, Gal also revealed that her last name isn’t really Gadot, but actually Greenstein. Her parents changed it to Gadot to give it more umph. Now that we’ve finally got that out of the way, please carry on.

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